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How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

Receiving a lot of Traffic is awesome but actually engaging and letting your visitors wanting more, coming back to your website every day is even more Critical . In this article, I’ll show How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

The type of content you write on your website  plays a major factor to how your guest reacts to your website.For example, if you own a website that speaks about funny pics , videos and stories  your visitors come with an intention to be entertained and laugh.With this being said, if you are planning for your visitors to buy something or approach your  content business minded, will not happen.

The type of content you write speaks about the type of  visitors you get.

new-vs-returningAs you can see here is a wide difference between the new visitor and returning visitor. this is  absolutely normal among major websites ,Why?

  1. People normally visits a website for a single problem then leave
  2. The website cannot benefit them in any way
  3. Saw an interesting article shared on Social media via Website and
  4. No awards for visiting, no motivation

Having the right state of mind and how you treat your visitors can marginalize the margin by


Now you may be asking, how I get visitors to come back to my blog? why have I so little returning visitors %?

Let’s begin by saying -No awards for visiting .

The most simple and effective way to get People coming back to your website more,sharing your content, even more, liking and start commenting  is to offer a reward for doing so.Below are steps on How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website


The Strength of social Media

Have you ever wonder how is so popular?  .Social media plays a very important aspect to how a website becomes viral. Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc. You name it. The more a person shares your content the more eye it see’s and more engagement it receives.However, some people are not like that , they want something in return so if you offer points, credit or even gift cards for sharing your content this will trigger their eagerness to participate.


okayten This is how much shares Mashable get in a couple minutes.Why? if you look closely, when you just shared an article you like a pop-up screen will greet you to become a fan .Having active facebook, twitter and Google plus Subscribers will make things much easier for you but getting these fans is little hard.But, I’ll show you just how to do that in a bit


An integrating  point management system that lets you award / charge your users for interacting with your Website can Get Visitors Returning to Your Website . Point systems give a person a credit or points for every interaction they do on your website/WordPress Blog.

For example, For each share, you get 100 points, for each daily visits you get 200 points , for each comment you get 50 points. Please note that these points are not static, they can be changed and customized by you .When a person reaches a particular  threshold of points they can redeem it for a prize, amazon gift card, money or something intriguing is a perfect example. They award you a Google Nexus 7 tablet for those who reach the required points.This can only be acquired by sharing a post that interests you. Really smart ?

google-nexus-7-android-tablet-review-8Now how can you implement this strategy on your WordPress website to  Getting Visitors Returning to Your Website

 List Of Points System (WordPress) Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

1 PunchTab

How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

This is the most used  WordPress best plugin  for Reward System .

Engage, track, and measure consumer behavior online and off. Deliver consistent personalized experiences across any channel – digital, CRM, social, direct marketing, mobile, and in-store.


2 Give Away Tool

How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

Giveaway tool creates an option entry form to create a giveaway contest then embed in your website.First entry form system to feature automatic entry confirmation.Good Another good way to drive visitors to your websites by giving away free stuff.

3 Gleam


Gleam is a good Alternative to PunchTab- Drive more sales for your website, drive more traffic by creating competitions, daily prize giveaway and a Robust Reward system that  let you visitors wanting more.


4 PromoSimple

How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website

PromoSimple is a simple Reward system with all the major integrations you need to get started.It syncs with Email providers like Mail chimp, constant contact, and mad Mimi . This Reward system let you customize your own entry form, build your social media audience and monitor the results real time.


In conclusion, if you utilize these strategies correctly , then there is not doubt that you will improve in website traffic, engagement and social preference .

This is my way of How To Get Visitors Returning to Your Website


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