How to get free Wi-Fi for Android anywhere

In today’s world, one has to be connected to the world wide web all the time. Our personal, social, entertainment and business life all depend on a good Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes, because of different reasons, we cannot connect to our own and need free available Wi-Fi network or open hotspots. That is not difficult to do with the presence of so many connectable devices like laptops, smartphones and other Wi-Fi enabled devices we use every day. Below are a few ways of how to get free Wi-Fi for Android anywhere.

By far, the best way to get free Wi-Fi is to download an app which has a database of available Wi-Fi connections in the region or country. It works by finding the passwords of open networks. Many of the open Wi-Fi networks are user-generated where the users themselves share their network details.

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How to get free Wi-Fi for Android

Wi-Fi Map

This app provides an exhaustive list of Wi-Fi spots found all over the world. The list may include cafes, hotels, airports, bus stations, rail stations, and other business establishments. They offer both downloadable offline Wi-Fi map and even a premium account version for a small fee. They also allow the user to share the network link with close Facebook friends. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Download Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Finder

This app is popular and reliable because it can scan for both open and password protected Wi-Fi networks. This works because a database of voluntary contributors provides details of their Wi-Fi network. Android user can download this app for free from the Google Play Store.

Download Wi-Fi Finder


This app enters a database of Wi-Fi network of voluntary contributors. One can gain access to the database of up-to-date password-protected Wi-Fi networks. The user can connect to their Facebook friends’ hotspots anywhere in the world or gain access to publicly available connections. The app is available to download for all Android users on the Google Play Store.

Download Insrabridge

Facebook “Find Wi-Fi” function

It is no secret that almost everyone is on Facebook most of the time. One can use the More tab to open up the “Find Wi-Fi” feature to search for nearby sources of free, public Wi-Fi which could be public service businesses and cafes. Many businesses who have opted-in for their networks to be listed on Facebook, generally would provide free Wi-Fi.

Free Global Wi-Fi Network: Fon

Fon is a global network which offers its customers to purchase a router and split the available bandwidth. The users of Fon generally share their Wi-Fi networks with fellow subscribers in any part of the globe. Mostly, people share their Wi-Fi with their Facebook friends.

Visit Fon

Free Global Wi-Fi Network: Skyroam

This global Skyroam Wi-Fi network works on a similar principle as the Fon network. The company offers its users travel hotspots covering almost 100 countries to date. The user also has an option to pay a small fee to get access to unlimited data through their Wi-Fi networks.

Visit Skyroam


This is basically a directory of listings of all the businesses locations that offer free Wi-Fi connections This app works best for users in North America and the USA, but it is also popular in Europe. The special feature is that it offers state-by-state listing along with several speciality listing pages which have names of established cafes, hotels and other public service businesses. They cover airports, and members of international and national chains of hotels, motels and resorts in alphabetical listing order.

You can search for free available Wi-Fi networks in advance of visiting the region or country using this website.

Visit Wi-Fi-FreeSpot


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