How To Fix “Unfortunately the process has stopped”

The Android smartphone you have runs smoothly most of the time, but every now and then some problem or error may appear. There are the standard problems that users report no matter which device they own, such as issues with applications, battery drain, issues with GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and several others. But that’s not all. There are some errors that may show up on the screen, and if that happens, you will have to dedicate a bit of your time and effort to get rid of it. One of such messages is “Unfortunately the process has stopped”.

This error mostly bothered Samsung Galaxy S3 users, but many of those who use other smartphones that run on Android OS also reported this error message.

There are plenty of reasons why this error message may appear, including faulty third-party app, a problem with SIM toolkit application. Quite a few people faced the problem after they installed a new ROM. In some cases, the problem occurred after the firmware update.

Because the reason for the error can be different for each user, there are several things you can do to fix this, and we have gathered the most effective solutions – the ones that helped many users to get rid of it.


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Ways to fix “Unfortunately the process has stopped”


Solution No.1: Disable automatic date and time

This simple setting change can help you and it can remove the error message for good. To change this, navigate to Settings from the home screen, and then tap on Date & Time. If “Automatic Date & Time” option is checked, uncheck it and it will be disabled.


Solution No.2: Clear cache and data of phone app

Many Android users solved the problem with this annoying error message once they cleared the cache and data for the Phone app. Doing this is pretty simple – go to Settings > Tap On Apps (on some devices Application Manager or App Manager), tap on All tab and then find the Phone application. Click on the app and then tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data. If this doesn’t help, try the other solutions listed below.


Solution No.3: Clear cache and data of SIM toolkit app

You should also clear cache and data of SIM toolkit app, and to do so go to Settings > Tap on Apps (on some Android device App Manager or Application Manager), tap on All tab and then find SIM Toolkit app. Click on it and tap Clear Cache and Clear Data.


Solution No.4: Use AROMA file manager

Some users fixed the problem using the custom recovery. So, what you can do is download the AROMA manager which you can find on the XDA website. With this manager, you can clear SIM toolkit and Phone app temporary folders, and you can delete the cache. Give it a try.


Solution No.5: Boot your device into Safe mode

The problem can be caused by a faulty app, and to be sure the app has created the issue, you need to boot your Android phone into Safe mode. While in the Safe mode, all third-party apps you downloaded will be automatically disabled, and if everything works find it means the application is to blame for the error message. You can either uninstall recently downloaded apps, or you can do a factory data reset.

Solution No.6: Uninstall recently downloaded apps

Safe mode shows if the app is the problem, but unfortunately, it doesn’t show us which application. That is why you have to options we have mentioned above. You can uninstall recently downloaded apps, and to do that, go to Settings > App Manager ( Application Manager or Apps), tap Downloaded and remove the apps you installed in the last few days (if you can remember those apps). Click on the application and tap Uninstall.

Solution No.7: Factory data reset

If all the solutions we have listed above didn’t help you to get rid of the problem, you can do a factory data reset. This will erase all third-party apps, your files, and settings, so it is advisable to backup your files. Next, go to Settings and tap Backup & Reset and tap on Factory Data Reset. Your device will reboot and it will wipe itself.



Image Source: YouTube / Max NZ