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How To Fix Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped

If you are an android user and if your phone is displaying an error ‘Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped’, you will not be able to type any text messages, email and URLs in the browser.

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But there are some simple steps to perform to get rid of this error message Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped. Here are the steps:

  •  Open menu in your android phone
  • Go to Settings
  • Open Apps
  • Tap All
  • Find the Android keyboard
  • Clear data
  • Next you have to find Dictionary provider app
  • Again tap Clear data.
  • Now the Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped error should be fixed.

How To Fix Unfortunately Android Keyboard Has Stopped_cache


If you are looking for a third-party keyboard for your android device, here are a few suggestions.


Adaptxt keyboard

This is one of the best keyboards for android and it has many options like emojis and text prediction. There is an option to change everything such as keyboard color, font, text color, trace color etc. This app is free but if you want to enjoy all its features, then you need to pay only $0.99.

Fleksy keyboard

It is one of the most popular keyboards for Android. When you hit any letter, it tries to figure out what you want to type. It also has gesture typing feature and multiple languages are supported by this keyboard. You can get this app for free in Google Play store.

Google keyboard

This is one of the best keyboards for android devices. It offers a lot of features such as sentence gesture typing, emoji support and gesture typing. The keyboard is free. If you are looking for a good keyboard that is rich in features, try this one because you will love it!



  1. ohh thanks for the info ,i had ‘sorry Samsung keyboard has stopped working’ error and after following those prompts i have it back.Thanks again.

  2. How about if I locked the phone and I suppose to type my password (text) and the keyboard was not working? How can I go to settings?

    1. Hi Noel,

      Please could you try with the following steps

      – Power off your phone, then press the Volume Up, Power and Home
      buttons together and hold them until you see the word “Samsung ” on
      the screen. Now leave the buttons and your phone will boot into recovery. If
      you find that your phone boots to the lock screen then you have released the
      buttons a bit late or early. In such a situation, turn off your phone and do
      the steps again.

      You should see some options on the phone screen now. Highlight
      Clear Cache and hit the Power button. Next highlight reboot and press the Power
      button. Now check if you can enter the password. If you cannot, then the only
      way is performing a factory reset.

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