How To Fix Unable to Receive Yahoo Mail on iOS 8

If you are facing unable to receive Yahoo Mail in Mail application on iOS 8 devices, you’re not alone. I have faced it too. I didn’t know whether it’s happened since i updated to iOS 8 or it’s just happened, i forgot. Mail application that i use cannot get new message on inbox for Yahoo Mail account, even though after i changed the network from cellular data to WiFi, because i thought it because of network issue. Mail application in iOS is known with the same issue with Yahoo account a couple years ago and seems this issue is carried over until iOS 8. This issue is faced a lot by users who have just updated their iOS to iOS 8.

Whether this issue is caused by Yahoo itself or in Mail application on iOS 8 that we use? But, what ever it is, maybe we couldn’t guess it for sure. I will try to share how to fix unable to receive Yahoo Mail on iOS 8. Perhaps from those methods below can solve the issue you are facing.

How To Fix Unable to Receive Yahoo Mail on iOS 8

I suggest you to do this steps first to make sure that the issue is not because of your Yahoo Mail account but on email client application we have.

  • Open Yahoo Mail on browser of Mac/PC and use the latest browser which can open a modern Yahoo Mail view. Can you enter it smoothly by using username and its password or not? If you cannot enter, it means there’s a problem with username or password that you use or maybe both. Maybe the password has been changed.
  • if you can enter smoothly, try to send message to your email address and check whteher you have received that email or not? If until this step you still didn’t receive that email on your Yahoo Mail account that you open in Mac/PC, perhaps there’s a problem with the network or the Yahoo itself, but this is rare to happened. But, if can receive that message, these next steps below useful for you.

Method 1: re-enter username and password

This method is to make sure that your settings are configured correctly. On your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings >> Mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Tap Account, at the top.
  • Re-enter your full email address and account password, ensuring there’re no spaces.
  • Tap Done.

If your info matches, checks will appear and you’ll return to the previous screen. If your info not matches, try again. Make sure the password is case sensitive where the capital letters are distinguished with small letters. If you have tried this method, check back whether you can get message in inbox or not?

Method 2: remove dan re-add yahoo mail account

This is the steps where we will try over from the beginning to re-configure your Yahoo Mail account.

To remove account:

  • Go to Settings >> Mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap the Yahoo Mail account you want to remove.
  • Tap Delete Account.
  • On pop up menu, tap Delete Account again to confirm.

Try to re-add your Yahoo Mail account

  • Go to Settings >> Mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap Add Account.
  • Tap Yahoo.
  • Enter your name, email address, email password, and a description, then tap Next.
  • Optionally, disable aspects of Yahoo Mail from synching.
  • Tap Save.

Some cases of unable to receive Yahoo Mail has been solved well through method 3

Method 3 manual configuration setting Yahoo Mail account

Remove your account first like the steps above, then:

  • Go to Settings >> Mail, contacts, calendars.
  • Tap Add Account >> Other >> Add Mail Account.
  • Enter your name, email address, email password, and a description, then tap Next.
  • Select IMAP, enter the Yahoo Mail IMAP settings in this below:

ncoming Mail (IMAP) Server

  1. Server –
  2. Port – 993
  3. Requires SSL – Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  1. Server –
  2. Port – 465 or 587
  3. Requires SSL – Yes
  4. Requires authentication – Yes

Your login info

  1. Email address – Your full email address ([email protected])
  2. Password – Your account’s password
  3. Requires authentication – Yes
  • then tap Next.
  • Set “Mail” to On, then tap Save.

Method 4 install Yahoo Mail App

If the steps above still cannot solve the issue or you still feel annoyed with iOS Mail application, try to use Yahoo Mail app which you can download on App Store. Yahoo ensures if you do that, there will be no problem like you faced. But, with different Mail client will make you have 2 email clients which is used together and you have to deal with this.

How To Fix Unable to Receive Yahoo Mail on iOS 8

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