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How To Fix Skype Error 1603

How To Fix Skype Error 1603
How To Fix Skype Error 1603

Skype is a popular video chat program that is used everywhere at home, offices and in business purposes. We all keep on updating this Skype very often which takes hardly few minutes. But most of the time this installation process gets failed giving Skype error 1603. This error takes place due to various reasons. If the un-installation of the Skype was not done successfully last time while updating the app, the installer is confused while installing the new version which gives this Skype error 1603. Conflict between Skype installation location and Microsoft Office Registry keys is the other reason of this error. The solutions are explained here.

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Method to fix Skype error 1603


Method 1: Delete Skype from your system

> First save and close all the programs that are running in your machine.

> Next go to start > Run and type ‘Appwiz.cpl’. Press enter to find and select Skype.

> Right click on the Skype and click ‘uninstall’.

> Restart your system and try installing again the app.

Method 2: Use Microsoft ‘Fix tool’

> You need to download Fix tool by clicking on the link.

> Once downloaded, install and run it on your machine.

> This utility tool will find all the problems and will fix the issues.

> Restart the system again and install Skype now.

The Skype 1603 error might be fixed then.

Fix Skype Error 1603_ microsoft fix tool

Method 3: Use third party uninstaller

Windows installer is sometimes incapable to understand the error and it can be better done with the help of third party uninstaller. cCleaner and Revo uninstaller are such uninstaller that can be great help to solve the issue.

Visit this link to see the instruction of Revo uninstaller and click here to know about cCleaner.

Method 4: Upgrade your windows

As this skype sometimes conflict with the Microsoft office application so updating your windows can solve the issue. Besides, updating the windows off and on ensures better functionality and security. So update your operating system and try to install skype again in your machine.

All the above methods are useful and you can get rid of the issue by following the methods easily.



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  1. Actually ,I am also still facing this problem and didn’t find the right solution for this problem but your post is really helpful for us and I am also searches and last time i will found a number to a great solutiion
    will guide you step by step to resolve your issues and they do find the root problems and resolve it so users will not face any difficulty in future also. You can call on Skype Support Helpline 24 hours a day 7 days in a week on +1-844-476-2432

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