How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S6 Faster Battery Drain Issue

Samsung has brought a unibody design in its latest flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. This is the first smartphone from Samsung with non-removable battery. The battery of Galaxy S6 variants is 2550mAh but the Quad HD display, top notch features and octa core exynos 7 processor require good battery power. So Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 faster battery drain issue is not surprising. However, here are some tips following which you can solve the Galaxy S6 faster battery drain issue and it will remove the impossibility of battery changing. You can also read here the ways to fix the slow charging issue on Galaxy S6.

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Tips to fix Galaxy S6 battery drain issue

Galaxy S6 faster battery drain issue

Close the redundant running apps

Many apps are there in your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge those keep running on the background even if you do not use them. So the first thing you should do is close those apps after finding them. After the communications (wifi, radio, GPS) third party apps are the main reason for draining battery. So navigate to the Settings of your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and then battery seesion, then see what all the apps are consuming more battery life.

If you see some particular apps are the culprits, then either uninstall them or force close them. For the important apps you can reinstall them to see the result.

Galaxy S6 faster battery drain issue

Turn off communications when they are not in use

Do not forget to turn off the Bluetooth service, Wifi, GPS, cellular data and NFC when you are not using them. These services not only drain the battery faster but also slow down the performance of your phone by constantly updating. Turn off them by going to Settings and only turn them on when you need to use those services.

Restart your device

It is always suggested to restart your phone when any type of issue such as battery drain, performance, overheating or camera issue is occurring before you proceed with other solutions. To restart your phone hold the power key, it might solve the problem temporarily.

Deactivate location services

If you are not using maps or any apps like that then there is no need to use location services. When you need to use any such apps you can enable the services which is quite easy. So turn the service off in order to improve the battery life. Disable location services going to Settings.

Remove the unused apps

This is one of the best solutions for Galaxy S6 battery drain issue. Beside improving battery life this process also improves the performance of your phone. Uninstall the unused apps to free up the space and to speed up your phone. Try to delete the larger games that take huge space, do not worry the information for most of the games like Temple run is saved in the Game Center, so you do not need to start from the scratch if you want to play them again.

Battery charge cycle

It is important to let your phone go through a charge cycle atleast once in a month. That means charge the battery 100% and use the phone until it is switched off because of low battery. It is good for the battery maintenance and to get exact battery usage data.

Disable notifications

Getting notifications for every app is not only irritating but also consumes battery and processing speed. So the apps for which you do not need notifications, turn off this feature for them.

Use Power saving and Ultra saving modes

Navigate to Settings > System > Battery and you will find two battery saving modes- Ultra Power saving mode and Power saving mode. Power saving mode reduces brightness, limits CPU performance, and takes care of other small things to improve the battery life. It let you use the phone without any fancy things like screen on time and vibration.

You can enable ultra power saving mode at the critical time when every drop of battery matters a lot. It limits the number of apps that you can use and activates a grayscale theme to your device.

Use these modes when you need to save battery and you are out of home.

Perform a factory reset

If you tried all the above steps to solve Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge battery drain issue but none of them worked for you, then it is time to perform a factory reset to bring back the phone to the stage as it was at the time of buying. For that:

Go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Reset. This process erases all the data from the phone, so you can back up the important data.

If factory reset also does not work then you need to buy a battery pack.

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