How to fix Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ that won’t charge

The Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus are great phones with fantastic options for the best user experience. As expected from Samsung, design is always at the very top. In most cases, both phones work without any issues at all times. But, a problem or two may pop up for some users, and some reported charging issues. If your Samsung Galaxy S21/S21+ doesn’t charge, you don’t have to rush to the repair center right away. Try the solutions listed below first.

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What to try when your Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 Plus won’t charge:

When it comes to some issues like the one related to charging, we don’t have many options. The good news is – in most cases, one of the things listed below works. So, let’s see the potential solutions.

  • Check the cable and the charger – always start with the basics. In this case, that’s making sure the cable and the charger are not damaged. If possible, try another cable. Also, connect your phone to your computer and try charging it that way.
  • Clean the charging port – the next stop is the charging port. If it is dirty and full of dust, the charging won’t be possible. So, your job is to clean the port properly. Take your time and do it slowly, making sure you remove all the dirt. When the port is all clean again, try charging your device.
  • Force restart – A force restart is a savior in many situations, and it can be in this one as well. If there is some software bug, a force reboot will eliminate it, and the phone will charge normally. To force restart your phone, press the Volume Down and the Power button at the same time. The phone will turn off and turn on again. Try changing it now.
  • Change the outlet – if none of the previously listed options didn’t work, perhaps there is some problem with the outlet. Try another one and see if it is going to make a difference.
  • Turn off your phone – some users said that once they turned off their phone and connected it to the charger, it started to charge normally. The solution does not require a lot of your time, so give it a shot.
  • Safe mode – one of the third-party apps could be causing the problem, and to see if that’s the case, boot the phone in the Safe mode. If it is charging normally, one of the apps is to blame. You should then remove them one by one or go for a factory reset. To boot the phone into Safe mode, turn your phone off, turn it back on, and press and hold the Volume down button when you see the Samsung logo. Try charging the phone now.

If you tried all the above, and nothing seems to be working, it is time to take your phone to the Samsung center. If it is under warranty, you may get a replacement of the phone or the charger if it is not working right.


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