How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen Keeps Freezing

With smartphones, phablets and tablets touch screen is everything, and one of the most annoying issues is to see the frozen screen on your device. When this problem occurs, you can hardly use your device. This bothers many Samsung Galaxy Note 5 owners, and if it bothers you too, read the guide: How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen keeps freezing. If the solutions below do not solve the problem, contact Samsung for assistance.

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How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 screen keeps freezing

Turn your device off and then back on

This may solve the glitch with the screen. Press and hold the Power button and select the option to Power off. Turn your device back on. Hopefully, the screen will work just fine.

Clear cache partition

  • Turn off your device
  • Press and hold Power, Volume Up and Home button, all at the same time
  • Keep holding these buttons and when the phone vibrates let go the Home and Power button but keep holding the Volume Up button
  • Release the Volume Up when you see the recovery menu on the screen
  • Use the Volume Down button to scroll down to “Wipe cache partition” and then select that option with the Power button
  • When it’s finished choose Reboot system now using the Power button.

App issues

In many cases, a faulty app is causing this problem. To be sure that is the case press and hold the Power button and tap on Power Off. Hold Power button and Volume down and when the Samsung logo shows up on the screen release the Power button and keep holding Volume Down. In the bottom-left part of the screen, you’ll see safe mode. If the screen works just fine in the safe mode, it means that one of the apps you have installed on your device is causing the problem. To exit the same mode hold the Power button and choose the option Restart.

If you noticed that screen keeps freezing when you are using a particular app, make sure the app is up to date or reinstall it. If you didn’t noticed such a problem with any particular app you have two options. The first one is to uninstall the app and see how the screen behaves and to do that with every app. The other option is to perform Factory Data Reset.

Factory Data Reset

Whether the problem is in the app or not, you can perform Factory Data Reset. Back up important files first. Now navigate to Backup and Reset and choose the option Factory Data Reset > Reset Device.


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