How to fix OnePlus 7 battery life issues

OnePlus 7 is a great phone, with ultimate performance and beautiful design. It comes with a 3,700 mAh battery which is powerful enough to last for a long period of time. Is it? Well, it all depends on how you use your phone. If you are using it moderately, you won’t experience any issues, but if you are using it non stop, especially for some heavy tasks, you can expect a completely different scenario. Here, we are going to share a few tips that you can try in order to make your battery last longer between charges.

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Restart your phone

We usually restart our phones only we encounter a problem. However, restarting the phone once in a while can be quite beneficial. It will close all the apps and processes that are running in the background, which is extremely important when it comes to battery life. The fewer processes and apps in the background, longer the battery lasts. So, if you haven’t restarted your phone for a while, start with that.

Determine which apps are affecting the battery life

There are some apps known as power-hungry ones. These apps have a huge impact on the battery, and you should find them – once you do, you may close them completely, or even uninstall them. It depends on how important the app is for you and how often you use it.

To see which apps are draining your battery, navigate to Settings > Battery. Now tap on the battery icon. When you do that, you will see the battery usage and all the apps that are affecting the drain. Once you find power-hungry apps,  you can go to Settings > Apps, tap on the app and choose “Force stop” option. Another way to go is to uninstall the app. It is up to you.

Update the apps

Smartphones would be nothing without apps, right? So, you need to make sure that all of the apps on your phone are up to date. Same as software, the apps get bug fixes and new features with every new version, so make sure to have them all updated. That is how you’ll avoid app-related issues – the apps will work better, and won’t affect the battery life as they might do when you don’t have the latest version. To update your apps, open Google Play Store, and tap Update all.

Update the software

This is also very important. You need to keep an eye on the software updates. Whenever the new version becomes available, download it and install it. It will bring new features, bug fixes, and more. It often brings battery optimization and other super useful things, so that is why it is something you need to pay attention to.

To update the software, navigate to Settings, tap About phone, and then check for updates.

Adjust the level of brightness

We often forget that the level of brightness can affect the battery. By adjusting its level, you may improve things a bit. So, you can either reduce the level of brightness, or you can set it to “Auto”.

Additional tips

You already know this – the way you use your phone will determine how long the battery will last. But you can make some small changes and those changes can improve battery life. Here are several quick tips:

  • Turn off GPS, Wi-FI, mobile data, and Bluetooth when not in use (many readers will now say – why do I need a phone if I can’t use these? We didn’t say you should not use them. Just turn them off when not in use – it really makes a difference).
  • You may change the screen timeout. For instance, it might be set to 2 minutes at this point. You may change it to 30 seconds.
  • Use an app such as Greenify. This app will determine which apps are misbehaving, and will put them into hibernation. Thus, the battery will last longer.
  • When in need, use Battery saving mode. To enable it, go to Settings > Battery > Battery saver. Choose the option “Turn on now”.