How to Fix OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi Issues

The One Plus 6 is a phone you would love to handle but being feature-rich does not make it free from flaws. When it comes to the issue of connectivity, the Wi-Fi connection in this phone appears to be patchy. However, the quick fixes available can help you to resolve the bogged down Wi-Fi connection with ease You have to identify the issues at first and list them down one after the other. Knowing the cause of the problems helps you to fix it easily. Let’s see how to fix OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi issues.

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How to fix OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi issues

Problem 1: Wi-Fi issues in OnePlus 6

Method 1: Turning it ON and OFF

When you face Wi-Fi issues on this device whether it is a poor connectivity or call drops, you can decide to switch the phone ON and OFF or try to turn it off and back from the Settings. You can also put off the power of the Wi-Fi router and turn it on again to check if it works.

oneplus 6 wi-fi tourn on

Method 2: Changing the password

You can go to the Settings and Wi-Fi and forget the wireless network. After this, you can search for it again. You can try to reconnect to the network using the password.

Method 3: Rebooting the router

Try to reboot the OnePlus 6 device and the router to check whether the internet connection comes back to life easily.

Method 4: Changing the settings

You can go to Settings and Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi preferences make sure that ‘Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep’ is set to Always.

Method 5: Backup and Reset

Visit the Settings and go to Backup and reset and Reset network settings and finally Reset settings to set up the Wi-Fi connection again.

Method 6: Putting the Power key OFF

All that you need to do is to hold down the power key and tap on Power OFF. Once the phone goes off, you have to press and hold the power key and the volume down key at the same time. When it boots to the recovery mode you can select the options using the power key and navigate with the volume keys. After this, you can select your preferred language and then go to Wipe Date and Cache to Wipe cache, Yes and Reboot.

Method 7: Checking the updates

Go to the Settings and About Phone and Check for Updates to ensure that the phone is up-to-date. Try to check with the manufacturer of the router or ISP to be sure that the router firmware is up-to-date as well.

Method 8: Activating the airplane mode

You have to scroll down from the Notification shade of the Home screen and tap on the Airplane Mode to enable this option. You have to disable it for a couple of minutes to check whether the connectivity is restored in the device or not.

oneplus 6 wi-fi airplane mode

Method 9: Changing the channel

You must try to check the current activity level with the help of the Wi-Fi Analyzer application and change to another channel when required.

Method 10: Finding the MAC address

Go to the Settings and About Phone to find the MAC address to ensure that the router recognizes it properly.

Problem 2: Slow Connection

The speed of the internet and the Wi-Fi have gone up extensively during the past decade as you get better data speed and more reliable Wi-Fi connection across the globe. Despite the improvements, the wireless connection in the OnePlus 6 is not without a few erroneous issues. When faster data speed has reached several homes today, the Wi-Fi network often lets you down with slow connectivity. Instead of fretting with the slow connection even when the internet works normally, you have got to look for the cause. The major reason, in this case, is presumed to be the distance from the router. As you move away from the router, the connectivity becomes less reliable all the way.

Solution: Getting close to the router

You can try to get as close as you can to the router if it is located in a different room. Try to go to the room where the router is located to check if you can fix the issue easily. If you have been facing the issue consistently, you can try to place the router at a higher position and far away from the rest of the electronic devices in the room, so that you can avoid the issues of interference. If it does not work, you can try to buy another router and network adapters to extend the network.

Problem 3: Decreased bandwidth

Another major cause for slowing down of the Wi-Fi connection is decreased bandwidth. When other people in the home use phones, televisions, computers and other devices that use data extensively, the speed of the internet is likely to become slow as it is shared across the other devices.

Solution: Disconnecting the devices

You have to disconnect the multiple devices that the other people are using at home. Many people stream videos from popular channels such as YouTube and others may prefer playing online games. You can try to connect some of the devices directly with the router using an Ethernet cable to free up the bandwidth in the Wi-Fi. However, using one or two devices at a time is a better option as it provides you with greater speed. Make sure that there is enough security in your Wi-Fi network to prevent the incident of people leeching the connection illegally.

Problem 4: Interference

Interference is a genuine problem in the areas that are crowded. During the setting up of the internet for the first time, the settings are similar leading to default wireless frequency in the channels, and they tend to become very crowded. New models of routers are feature-rich and capable of choosing the frequencies automatically that is less crowded when rebooted.

Solution: Carrying out a power cycle

You can try to carry out a power cycle on the router and log in to the admin panel to choose a different channel. However, the connection of the internet can slow down during the peak hours.  You can try to choose another time for using the internet. With the availability of better quality fiber and the availability of faster speed, you can get better connectivity in the Wi-Fi of the OnePlus 6. You can upgrade the router if you think as it can resolve the issues.

Problem 5: Disappearing Wi-Fi network

When you lose track of the Wi-Fi network, it can cause trouble in the Wi-Fi connectivity.

Solution: Reset the router

You can try to reset the router on your own and check whether an unprotected network has the same name like yours to identify the issue. Using the guide to set a Wi-Fi network, you can try to configure the network again to see the changes. Try to locate the IP address of the router and try to log in again to check if the problem can be resolved.

Problem 6: Network connection without the internet

Often you may find that your OnePlus 6 shows that it is connected to the Wi-Fi without activating the network.

oneplus 6 disconnect

Solution: Reset the modem

You must try to reset the modem as you unplug it at first and then plug it back again. If it does not work, you can try to reset the modem in the way you reset the network, and if the internet connection does not return, you may contact the ISP immediately.

Problem 7: Forgetting the password

Are you the one forgetting the password of Wi-Fi every now and then? It can emerge as a big issue if the connection goes off suddenly and you may have to restart it by typing the password again. The best option is to write it down on a piece of paper or in the memo of the phone to retrieve the network immediately. It can be especially frustrating if you are in the middle of sending an important email.

Solution: Changing the factory settings

You can try to press the hidden switch located in the pinhole at the back portion of the router and wait for about thirty seconds to default the router to the factory settings. Use the guide for setting the wireless network again with proper configuration and work on your phone again without interruptions.

oneplus 6 Factory reset

Problem 8: Crashing router

When the router crashes regularly, it can disrupt your Wi-Fi connectivity severely. However, a quick fix can resolve the issues.

Solution: Reset the router fully

You can find a Reset button the router. You can press it for about a few seconds using a paper clip. The router then defaults from the factory settings. You can follow the guidelines and instructions to set up the wireless router once again if the router still fails to function properly, it is probably time to change it. If it is within the period of warranty, you can return it to the manufacturer.

There are times when none of the devices at home connect to the Wi-Fi. If the connection drops randomly on the phone, you have to contact the ISP and when nothing else can support the connectivity, try to buy a new router.