How to fix OnePlus 6 Battery Life Issues

The OnePlus 6 phone comes with myriad features, and if you have already purchased this model, you will enjoy the features thoroughly. However, with a fair share of flaws, especially the problems you may face with the battery of this phone can make it a bit difficult for you. The fixes available for resolving the battery issues are easy to carry out. A lot of complaints have started pouring in about the average battery life of this device. There are certain options you may consider or steps you can take to resolve it. You can try to run the latest updates that come from OnePlus to get the opportunity of battery optimization. Here is how to fix OnePlus 6 battery life issues.

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How to fix OnePlus 6 battery life issues

If you experience a drain in the battery faster than it should, you have to look into the options available that allow you to fix the problem quickly. Several things can cause the battery to drain faster. Regardless of the reason that is causing the problem in your phone, you can follow a few methods to rectify the problems.

Method 1: Reboot the phone

  1. The easiest way to resolve the pesky battery problem is to reboot the mobile phone.
  2. Whether you are keen to give a fresh start to your phone or just noticed that the battery is draining a little too fast, you can reboot the phone easily.
  3. All that you need to do is long press the power button in the mobile and reboot or try the manual rebooting method to check if the battery can hold the charge.

OnePlus 6 Reboot

Method 2: Locating the apps causing the battery drain

The first step to resolve the battery problem is to check the apps you are using in the mobile. The chances are that many of them may consume a lot of battery in your mobile, so you have got to check them before the battery is dead. Whether the charge drains due to the pre-installed apps in the device or you have downloaded them from the Play Store, many of them may not be the right option for this phone.

  1. Check the apps if you receive notification that some of them are causing the battery to drain abnormally. Try to check those alerts.
  2. Using one or more of the applications for a long time can drain the charge in the battery. Often the apps consume more battery than they should, and this is what you must avoid.
  3. Try to uninstall a few of those apps that you do not need to free up space in the phone or save the charge.
  4. Visit the settings and move on to the battery option. When you tap on this option, it will present before you a detailed breakdown of all the apps and the battery consumption related to each. The apps that you open frequently will be shown at the top of the list. Try to check whether uninstalling or minimizing the app usage helps you get the result.

Method 3: Turning off the auto brightness

A majority of the smartphones available today come with the Auto Brightness mode that automatically sets the brightness of the phone by detecting the condition of the light. With a big 6.3-inch screen, you may be keen to pay a lot of attention to the sleep timer and the brightness. Keeping in mind that an average person checks the phone over a hundred and fifty times per day to check the notifications or the time, it can add up considerably to reduce the battery life of the phone.

  1. When you need to extend the battery life of your device, you can reduce the level of brightness as it can make a big difference.
  2. Unless it is necessary to have the brightness level at the highest limit, keeping it low can resolve the battery crisis in the device.
  3. Make sure that you hit the sleep or power button after using the phone so that the screen is turned off when it is not in use. Most of the users set the phone down, and the screen stays on for a few minutes after use which drains the battery.
  4. Adjusting the sleep timer of the phone can shut the device while keeping the brightness at a lower level.

OnePlus 6 Turn off brightness

Method 4: Minimizing the screen on time

The display in your device is one of the major reasons for the battery to drain out. It plays a crucial role in extending the charge in the battery.

  1. The sleep setting or the screen timeout can track how much time the display stays awake on your device.
  2. Checking whether the display stays on even when you are not using the phone indicates that you are wasting the battery life of the device.
  3. Try to set the display at the lowest value that works out reasonably with your use, and change it only when you need it the most.

Method 5: Updating apps and removing the applications

  1. Updating the apps in your smartphone is essential.
  2. You must visit the Play Store or the App Store to update the apps when you receive the notifications.
  3. If you have installed apps on the mobile that are useless, you can remove those applications to avoid wasting charge in the battery.

OnePlus 6 Update app

Method 6: Disabling the ambient display

If you are using the ‘Always On’ display mode, you can expect an abnormal battery drain in the device. Many people use this option in the settings without realizing that it can cause the battery to drain abnormally. Even though the feature is useful, it can lower the battery charge randomly and before you know it, the battery is dead.

  1. Turn off the Always On Display
  2. Check the updates.

OnePlus 6 Ambient Dispaly turn off

Method 7: Using black wallpaper

Even though it may seem unreasonable to several users, but using black wallpaper can help you extend the battery life.

  1. It may not help you to save a lot of charge, but every bit comes to help. Using black wallpaper can prevent the loss of battery life even if it is to a certain extent.
  2. Using the OLED screens can help you save significant charge in the device. It can display black colors with ease.
  3. The pixels may not turn on to display a black image so you can save battery life more easily.

Method 8: Usage of Wi-Fi with Bluetooth and GPS

Depending on the use of the phone, you can save every bit of the charge if you want. Following a few steps with the use of Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi can help.

  1. Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the device when it is not in use. The Wi-Fi improves the battery life with the 4G connections. However, if you are not using the phone at all, and allow it to search for a network constantly, it can drain the battery unreasonably.
  2. Cutting out those apps that utilize the GPS can extend the battery life. You can get a few extra hours of growing opportunity without using these apps.
  3. Go to the settings and tap the glass to type location. You can visit the location settings and tap the battery saver mode. You will notice a change in the behavior of the battery.

Oneplus 6 turn-off GPS

Method 9: Turning off the features

A few of the extra features that OnePlus 6 provides you may drain the battery without any reason. Many of them may be useful, but you have to pay attention to the battery usage as well.

  1. Turn off the features that you may not need. For instance, you can use Facebook but get rid of the fingerprint scanner.
  2. From the settings, you can go to the advanced category to turn off the features permanently that you do not plan to use.

OnePlus 6 turn off Feature

Method 10: Stop using the battery saver app

  1. Stop using the third-party battery saver apps as the inbuilt management system in the phone includes the battery saving features you need.
  2. Installing the third-party apps will only increase the battery drainage as you get an extra app running in your phone.
  3. With the help of the inbuilt power saving system, you can reduce the vibration, brightness, performance, and the background data.

OnePlus 6 Battery Saver

Method 11: removing the widgets and replacing the battery

  1. If there is any widget placed on the home screen of your device, you can remove it immediately to save battery life.
  2. When nothing else works, you can try to replace the battery.

Tips and tricks

The bottom line is that the battery life depends on the way you are using the phone. Every individual uses the phone differently. While you may have a five-hour screen on time, it can go up to eight hours for another person. You can try the battery optimization techniques mentioned above and check if it brings the necessary improvements. If none of the quick fixes works, you may have to visit the service center for repairing the phone.