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How To Fix Netflix Sound Receiver While Streaming Movies On Tv

I have been getting the issue where Netflix and the sound receiver will only come through TV speakers. Most TV’s such as Samsung BD-C6500 and LG LE5400.You may be seeing the Video but no sounds.  A pioneer receiver Would do such as great work here.

Solution 1 (Fix Netflix Sound Receiver) – Pandora

There is a bug in the sound card /firmware of your receiver. Before Launching Netflix application. navigate to

>Pandora radio application

>You may set up an account with Pandora

>Listen to a Radio Channel Then Exit

> Now Launch Netflix, It should be outputting audio now

If Pandora Method didn’t fix the Netflix Sound Receiver problem try Solution 2

Solution 2 ( YouTube)

Instead of Using Pandora app, Use YouTube App. and Repeat the step above. Navigate to

>YouTube App

>Watch a Video  Then Exit

> Now Launch Netflix, it should be outputting audio now

This step only works if you have a speaker that has an RCA input with an amplifier built-in.

For Some People connecting  Digital Audio Out which will send audio signal out from your TV to your Denon receiver works for some.

Can't get sound to receiver speakers while streaming Netflix

Solution 3(Crackle)

As prior to Solution 1 and 2. Crackle is basically the same procedure. if you don’t have Crackle app download and navigate to

>Crackle app

>Watch a Movie then Exit

>Now Launch Your Netflix


If you are still not getting it to work try switching the HDMI cable end to end or replacing the HDMI cable. Replacing the HDMI cable also my work as well.

If None of these works please leave a comment and I will surely assist your personally


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