How To Fix LG G3 Won’t Turn On

When LG G3 was officially released it instantly became one of the most popular devices in the world and it still is. There are so many things to love about this smartphone, starting with its design, to features and performance. You will hardly find the device users don’t complain about, so it’s not so strange to see people reporting all kinds of LG G3 problems. Even the smallest bug with the phone will irritate you, but let’s face it – the worst problem is when the device won’t turn on. There are tons of problems you can fix on your own and with ease, such as performance issues, apps that crashing or freezing, slow Wi-Fi connection, and a few others. But when it comes to this one, there are only a few things you can try before you take your device to the service. We are going to share those few things you can do to try to fix LG G3 won’t turn on issue and if these potential solutions don’t solve the issue, you will have to contact the retailer or carrier.


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Ways to fix LG G3 won’t turn on

Before you move to the solutions below, note that you will need the charger to try to fix the problem. Make sure that you have the original charger, and also, make sure that the charger and cable are not damaged. Prepare an extra charger and cable for Android (in case you have these) if your original charger doesn’t work properly.



Solution No.1: Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds

The first you should try when a problem like this occurs is to press and hold the Power button, but make sure to hold it for 10 seconds.


Solution No.2: Plug your smartphone into the charger

Even if you are 100% sure that the battery of your device is not empty, plug your smartphone into the charger anyway. Let it charge for at least 15-20 minutes, and after that, press the Power button try to turn your phone on.


Solution No.3: Remove the battery and put it back in

This may come as a surprise, but many people had the exact same problem with their LG G3, and in most cases, the problem occurred a few days after the purchase. Many of them reported that the problem was solved once they removed the battery waited for a few minutes and put it back in. Try to this, and hopefully, the problem will be solved.


Solution No.4:  Remove the battery and plug your smartphone into the charger

If you already tried the solution No.3 and if you removed the battery and put it back in a few minutes after, try this solution. Remove the battery, then plug your device into the charger, and leave it charge for some period of time, let’s say half an hour. Then put the battery back in and try to turn your device back on. Hopefully, this one will work.


Solution No.5: Perform a hard reset

If the solutions we mentioned above didn’t fix the problem, you may perform a hard reset. When doing so, you will return your device to its factory defaults. Keep in mind that this will wipe off all your settings, download apps, and your data. To perform a hard reset, follow the steps below:

  • Press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down key until you see the LG logo on the screen
  • Keep holding the Volume Down key and let go of the Power button but press it again immediately and keep holding it
  • Release both buttons once the Factory data reset screen shows up
  • Press the Volume Down button to scroll down to “Yes” and then press the Power button
  • Again press the Volume Down button and scroll down to “Yes” and press the Power button
  • The phone will now perform a factory data reset.


As we mentioned at the begging of this article, there are not many things you can do when your device won’t turn on. If these potential solutions don’t work for you, take your device to your carrier and ask for a replacement device.


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  1. My phone died last night. I tried holding the power button, with and without the down volume button, nothing, I removed the battery, left it out for 15 minutes, put it back in and the screen flashed then went black again. Tried all the steps again, several times, nothing. Right now I have it on the charger, but I don’t think that is the problem. I do have a backup phone so I’m using it, but I like the LG3 way better.

  2. The charging light does not even come on when charger is connected.
    The LG3 just turned itself off and could not get it to turn back on.
    Thought the battery died, so ordered a new battery, came on for a few seconds, then nothing.
    The screen seems to have an opaque very dark blue hue

  3. Been all over the web, looking for the solution to an LG G3 that’s unresponsive. A lot of these solutions to “unresponsive” phones, is to do things like “hold in the power button and the volume down button till the logo displays”. I can’t. It’s “UNRESPONSIVE”.

  4. I did all of the steps and it did not work for me. I also did step 5 several times because it did not work. Now I have all my data lost (except the ones in google drive). Does anyone have any other ideas that might work for me?

  5. ariesbabie: did the hard reset work for you?

    I have the same problem as yours that it wouldn’t go past the first LG screen and kept on going in the off-and-on loop!

  6. i just tried the freezer trick and i got really excited because i thought it was going to work. at first the phone was looping to try to come on, but wouldn’t go past the first LG screen…the i tried #4 and it got me to the Verizon screen and it would shut off. i just tried the freezer trick and it took longer than expected to get passed the Verizon screen, i didn’t think it would work, but it finally came on and started optimizing, but shut off while optimizing. maybe i should leave it in the freezer longer? ughh maybe i should just try the stupid hard reset. i just did one of those about a month ago. :'(

  7. Can’t begin to thank you enough for your tips! Saved my $600 phone and all my contacts, etc. No. 4, as strange as it sounds saved the day!!

  8. Latest solution
    Put your phone in freezer without battery and leave it for 15 min then put battery back start it and watch the magic
    Working fine for me

      1. did any lights come on at all when you tried to hard reset? I don’t have any lights at all. Getting ready to try the freezer. I ordered a new battery and a new battery cover thinking that was the problem. Still won’t turn on. It used to resolve if I took the battery out and put it back in. But the last time it turned off, it stayed off. Hoping the freezer is the trick….I will report back IF it works.

  9. i was watching a movie on my phone and the screen just went black and would not poweer on i tired all the steps and none of them seem to work i am trying one of the steps and i will see if it works i have 17 minutes left i hope these tips work if no i am fucked cuz my work has no way of contacting me

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