How To Fix LG G2 Slow Charging and Battery Drain

In this short and comprehensive article, we’ll be discussing LG G2 battery draining fast problem. This handset is equipped with a huge 3000 mAh battery. average . However, some users are facing the issue with the battery, and many of them complained about the problem on the forum. 

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Why Does the LG G2 battery drains so quickly for some people?

The LG G2 has proven to last a full day with moderate uses. However, some of the LG G2 are draining rapidly due to a simple bug which will be highlighted in the article below.


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How To Fix LG G2 Battery Drain & Slow Charging

If you are using your LG G2 over a period of time, you must have installed a lot of apps and used high CPU Apps consistently, then you’ll experience rapid battery drain with the LG G2 . However, new LG G2 battery can also drain fast, so continue reading to find out the fixes for that.


Method 1 : Fix LG G2 Battery Drain After KitKat Update

Some of the users have reported that they are mainly facing this issue after KiKat update. If this is the case with you as well, then follow the below fixes. 

  • Stop Automatic Syncing by going to Menu > Settings > Accounts and un-check the boxes for automatic sync.
  • Disable Google Auto-Voice Detection feature by heading towards Google Now> Settings> Voice and uncheck the box hotword detection.
  • Also, you can download battery saver apps like Easy battery saver or DU battery saver app to extend the battery life.

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Method 2

Turn on the battery saver mode on your LG G2. To do so, navigate to Settings General >Battery and from there you can turn on the feature.  Configure it to your preference, it is a powerful feature that does all which is necessary to save your battery while giving you substantial performance.


Method 3

  • Download and install Battery Stats Plus
  • Once installed, navigate to Battery Stats
  • There you will see all the apps that are draining the battery on your LG G2
  • Now, terminate the apps that are causing High CPU usage .

Most of the time you will see Google Plus service that is causing the battery draining issue. So, it is better to disable this service by going to Settings Personal Click on Location Services and uncheck all the Box :Location and Google location, GPS Satellites.


Method 4

If all the above methods did not work, then your final option is to Factory reset your LG G2 to fix the battery drain issue. But before that, backup all data as this step will erase everything from the device. Once done, move ahead for factory reset. 

  • Navigate to settings
  • Click Backup and Reset
  • Factory Data Reset
  • Reboot the device.


So, these are the possible fixes utilizing which you can fix up the fast battery draining issue in your LG G2.

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