How To Fix Lagging Issue On LG G3?

LG G3 is undoubtedly one of the best Smartphones in the market. Amazing camera, impressive audio and easy navigation all make the phone a bestseller in several parts of the world. But, there are some catches too. Lagging issue on LG G3 is a common problem. Automatically changing resolutions, Bluetooth issue, capturing video in upside down mode, quick battery drainage – there are a long line of issues. Being an Android phone several apps create hardware software compatibility issue. New apps might hinder the smooth functioning of the phone. Updates might make its performance slower. The fixes for such problems are quite easy. Often times the online forums and tech communities release the fixes within days of the problem arising. Here are a few common fixes for the most irritating problem in this Smartphone – lagging issue on LG G3.

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Steps to fix lagging issue on LG G3

Close the background running apps

The problem might arise due to overload of the phone. Customers who get too excited to hold this feature packed techno marvel in their hand often open several applications at a time. They seldom care to close it properly. While most phones do not make it an issue, LG G3 gets enormously slow when numerous applications are opened at a time. To close them go to Settings > App > Running and close all the opened applications. Keep only one or two important constantly used ones like WhatsApp open.

Lagging Issue On LG G3

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Update the OS

Lagging issue on LG G3 can be easily solved by updating the Android OS. Android 5.0 Lollipop works much better than the previous KitKat OS. Most of the compatibility issues have inbuilt fixes in the updated Lollipop. In addition to improving the lagging issue, it also enhances the phones speed and multitasking capacity enormously. But, ironically some apps still have problems running on it.

Change the phone settings

LG G3 phone is extremely touch sensitive. Sometimes it gets activated even if the phone is kept in the pocket. This high level touch detection takes a toll on the phones performance. Changing its settings to slightly delay the touch response brings down the lagging issue considerably. It can be done by entering Settings > Accessibility > Touch Feedback Time and adjusting it there. This prevents the phone getting activated accidentally when it is in pocket, prevents excessive battery drainage and helps solve the lagging or freezing issue on LG G3 all at a time. Customers facing numerous issues with the phone accidentally dialing numbers or opening apps find this option a boon.

Lagging issue on LG G3

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Sometimes installing certain new apps or downloading updates for the apps might cause the issue. In such cases

  • Trying to uninstall the app will solve the issue.
  • If that does not work try to clear the cache after uninstalling completely.
  • If the problem persists, install TWRP custom recovery tool kit.
  • Once this is done, put the phone in the recovery mode. It is similar to restarting the computer in a safe mode.
  • Switch off the phone first and switch it back on. Press the power and the volume buttons together for a minute when it is booting.
  • Release them briefly and hold them together again when the LG logo appears. The phone will restart.
  • The lagging issue on LG G3 gets solved after this step in most of the cases. When the phone is restarting, the data you have stored earlier might get loss. Make sure to take a backup earlier.

LG G3 phone works perfectly fine with high graphics games and extremely high quality videos. It has advanced audio facilities and several special features which are still in the experimental mode. The phone is designed to fit tech savvy people by all means. So solving any issue occurring in the phone is quite easy. Compared to other costly phones in the market there is a very broad support network for LG G3. Only a handful of users face any problems at all with the phone. The company is very receptive in handling customer complaints and finding immediate fixes to solve the issues occurring then and there. They keep it updated in the forums too so that others users facing the lagging issue on LG G3 can solve it in no time. The fixes are so easy that a child can try them. There are no hassles asking you to unplug motherboard and so on.