How to Fix iPhone 4s Wifi Issues or Grayed Out or Dim

How to Fix iPhone 4s Wifi Issue :Wifi is an hardware and feature which is needed by iPhone users to be able to be connected with internet. Some are a requirement for iPhone  to download applications in large size in App Store or update the iOS over the air (OTA). But some users face issues with their iPhone 4s wifi. The Wifi issues they might find on their iPhone 4s are:

• Wifi cannot detect wifi hotspot and keep searching continuously.
• Can find wifi hotspot but cannot connect to it.
• Can connect to wifi hotspot but cannot be connected to internet.

We’re going to discuss about how to fix iPhone 4s wifi issues or grayed out or dim. Technobezz will divide the troubleshooting into 2 major methods that we call: Do it your self (DIY) method and expert method.

How to Fix iPhone 4s Wifi Issues or Grayed Out or Dim

 Technobezz diaclaimer: Technobezz will not responsible for loosing data or hardware issue that might appear in doing this troubleshooting. Do it with your own risk. We will provide you with excellent methods but incertain thing cannot be predicted. That’s why we recommend you to do this important steps first before you do the troubleshoot:
  • Backup your iPhone 4s, See — Guide backup to Mac/PC or  iCloud because some steps can make you lose your iPhone data.
  • If your iPhone 4s still covered by warranty, you have a full right to report your issue after you do a DIY method. Through a genius bar at Apple Store,  the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider or make a phone call to Applecare.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Method on How to Fix iPhone 4s Wifi Issues or Grayed Out or Dim

Make Sure:

  • Make sure that wifi issue on your iPhone 4s is occurred in all wifi hotspot you met.
  • If this wifi issue only occurred in one wifi hotspot such as your home or office, while in the other wifi hotspots you did not find any issue, contact the wifi provider or IT support whose responsible there.
  • Wifi issue have you met still occurred even though the third party case which is stick on your iPhone 4s has been taken off.

iOS Troubleshooting

Of course you can do all the steps below or maybe one of those steps is fit for you and your iPhone 4s wifi issue solved

  • Restart your iPhone by pressing and holding the power and home button until it restart.
  • Power off iPhone by pressing the power button for some times until “Slide Power Off” appears, then slide it to the right. Then Switch it on by pressing power button for seconds.
  • Go to Settings >> Airplane Mode (swipe it On and wait around 15 seconds the turn it on again).
  • Disable Wifi Network Service. This service is connected with Location Service Network. Go to: Settings >> Privacy >> Location Service >> System Service (swipe it off).
  • If your iPhone can connect to wifi but cannot be connected to the internet, try to do “Forget Network”. Go to Settings >> Wifi, tap i sign next to the wifi host name then tap Forget this Network.
  • If internet connection is still not working, change DNS on that wifi host name. Go to Settings >> Wifi , tapi sign next to the wifi host name then scroll until you find DNS, tap it. Change the most used DNS like DNS from google or another openDNS.
  • Reset iPhone Network Settings. Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset all Network Settings. iPhone will restart to do this Reset Network.
  • Erase all content and settings. Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset all content and settings.
  • Restore iPhone. Plug iPhone to Mac/PC then launch iTunes. Tap Trust on your iPhone popup message. your iPhone will be detected in the iTunes and on tab summary click Restore. Firmware will be download first and wait for the process to be done.
  • Restore iPhone in recovery mode. To take your iPhone to recovery mode: Plug iPhone to Mac/PC then launch iTunes. Hold down power button and home button until the iPhone restarts and when Apple logo starts to appear, release the power button but keep on pressing the home button until iTunes sign and cable lightning on your iPhone 4s screen are appear. Choose Restore and iTunes will download firmware that is need and restore your iPhone 4s to factory setting.
  • Restore your iPhone 4s in DFU mode: plug iPhone to Mac/PC then launch iTunes. Hold down power button and home button until iPhone restarts. Count until 5 seconds and release power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, your iPhone screen will remain dark but iTunes will detect your iPhone 4s in recovery mode. Choose Restore and iTunes will download firmware that is need and restore your iPhone 4s to factory setting.


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Expert Method

Hardware checking and troubleshooting

If the iOS troubleshooting has you done but you’re still facing the issue. well if our iPhone 4s still covered by warranty, Apple will give a replacement for your iPhone 4s. this is a typical fixing for wifi issue, a replacement to the new one, They will not do a hardware troubleshooting inside or replace certain part. For you who are curios and have read our disclaimer. we will try to give you a general description of what you can do on hardware troubleshooting.

A part that need to be watch is Murata SW SS1830010. which is located on logic board. The technical which is often done by unauthorized expert technician is heating that IC with certain temperature by using hot air rework station.

How to Fix iPhone 4s Wifi Issues or Grayed Out or Dim


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