How To Fix iPhone 4s Keep Crashing After iOS 8.4 Update

iPhone 4s is an iPhone generation that still able to update until iOS 8 and even can still compatible with iOS 9 later. The current iOS 8.4 brings a feature which can make users want to do the update. That feature is Apple Music. iPhone 4s users with iOS 8.x will get the update notification to iOS 8.4 through their setting and they can update to iOS 8.4 directly over the air with WiFi connection. Some users seem did not have any issues related to the update, but some other users did. One of issues is iPhone 4s keep crashing after iOS 8.4 update. It is not related to iOS 8.4 but the mix issue after update. We’ll try to share guide: how fix iPhone 4s keep crashing after iOS 8.4 update

How to Fix iPhone 4s Keep Crashing After iOS 8.4 Update

Method 1: Power

Sometime this method can be done by simple:

  • Restart your iPhone 4s, press and hold the power and home button together in the same time until it restarts.
  • Power off the iPhone 4s, press the power button for some times until the ‘slider power of’ appears then slide to power it off.

After your iPhone Is ON again, observe whether you still facing that issue or it’s solved?

Method 2: check your Applications

  • update the application that need to be updated, don’t ignore it. Check it in App Store >> Updates. By updating applications to the newest version will allow you to get the latest version which can might fix the bug of that application, and it could be the main cause of iPhone 4s keep crashing after 8.4 update.
  • Check Diagnostic & Usage data and watch some “suspicious reports” such as app crash and the report related to memory. Go to Settings >> Privacy, tap Diagnostic&Usage then tap Diagnostic&Usage Data. Try to remove some applications that having issues like crash often, then see if the crashing issue has gone or not. We just want to make sure and if it’s needed remove all suspicious applications one by one while checking of the issue. You can re-download those applications in the future.

Method 3: watch the data from certain application

Every application stores some data like cookies, cache etc to support the application run effectively. But, it could be create issues on your iPhone 4s after update to iOS 8.4. Try to clear up the data one by one from certain application like message and Safari. For the other application the clearing cannot be done except you delete that application.

  • Clear all messages that you don’t need it anymore (or you can backup this content first) see also How to Save Text Messages iPhone to Mac/PC. Go to Message app, tap Edit then check all unneeded conversations by tapping the the circle on the left side of every message, after that tap Delete icon on bottom right corner.
  • Clean up history and website data, go to Settings >> Safari  then tap Clear History and Website data
  • Remove the applications that no longer used or needed by tapping and holding on the application until jiggle then tap X sign and tap Remove.

Method 4: Reset

This method is for them who doesn’t have a plenty time to do the 3 methods above and wants directly to the point in doing troubleshooting. follow this method will delete all data, backup your iPhone to Mac/PC or iCloud first before doing this steps

  • Erase all contents and settings. Tap Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset all contents and settings
  • Restore iPhone. Plug iPhone to Mac/PC then launch iTunes application. Tap Trust on your iPhone screen if a popup message appears. Your iPhone will be detected in the iTunes and on Summary Tab of your Mac/PC you can click Restore button. Firmware will be download first and wait until the process done.
  • If The restore process is fails try to restore it with DFU mode. plug iPhone to Mac/PC then launch iTunes. Hold down power button and home button until iPhone restarts. Count until 5 seconds and release power button but keep pressing the home button. If it succeeds, your iPhone screen will remain dark but iTunes will detect your iPhone 4s in recovery mode. Choose Restore and iTunes will download firmware that is need and restore your iPhone 4s to factory setting

Method 5: hardware troubleshooting

If you have done all methods above but still facing iPhone 4s keep crashing after iOS 8.4 update, you can do the hardware troubleshoot. But, this method is not recommended if your iPhone 4s still has a warranty because it could be you will lose that warranty and some other hardware issue risk. This method is fit for technician who is able to do a hardware troubleshoot. If your iPhone is still covered by warranty, you can take it to Apple Store and Apple Authorized Service Provider for hardware replacement.

Unplug the battery connector inside the iPhone for minutes. This step needs instructions to be able to open up your iPhone 4s and unplug the connector’s battery safety. After you unplug your battery connector, plug it back and try to switch on your iPhone.



All those method above can you try one by one except the last method is not recommended. You can leave a comment of which method works for you.