How To Fix IPhone 13 Face ID Problems

Face ID is an advanced way to unlock your iPhone 13. Plus, it is the fastest way. It is even faster than the fingerprint scanner. Once you raise the phone, you

Face ID is an advanced way to unlock your iPhone 13. Plus, it is the fastest way. It is even faster than the fingerprint scanner. Once you raise the phone, you will be able to access the phone in the blink of an eye. Like fingerprint or Passcode, a Face ID scanner can annoy you if it refuses to open your iPhone. Instead of getting the faster way to access the device, you waste every second trying to make it work. How to fix iPhone 13 Face ID problems? Let’s go.

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How To Fix iPhone 13 Face ID Problems 

Before we move any further, check if something is covering the TrueDepth camera, like dust or debris. Clean up gently and take off all accessories covering your face, such as sunglasses or a mask. Then, try to place your iPhone directly facing your face. 

Solution 1 Charge iPhone

Make sure your iPhone 13 battery is not below 10%. Otherwise, it can be the reason why you have iPhone 13 Face ID problems. Charging the phone may help you get rid of the issues. If you enable the low power mode, turn it off because it can slow down certain services on your phone.

Solution 2 – Restart The Phone

When Face ID refuses to unlock your iPhone 13 and you are asked to enter Passcode instead, it doesn’t mean there is a serious issue. If you haven’t used Face ID to open the device for more than 4 hours, Apple requires you to enter a Passcode for security reasons. So, enter your Passcode, lock the phone, and unlock it again using Face ID. If you find the problem persists, restart the phone and try again. 

Solution 3 – Check Face ID Settings

Go to Settings and tap the Face ID & Passcode option. Make sure you have set up your Face ID correctly. Under the USE FACE ID FOR section, you will find some features. If you want to use Face ID as a security method to access the iPhone, the button next to the iPhone unlock option should be in green color. The same thing goes for other features. 

Solution 4 – Reset Face ID

While in the Face ID & Passcode screen, you also can choose to reset the Face ID. It won’t take a lot of time. Navigate to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > tap Reset Face ID. Then, set up your Face ID again and ensure that you do it properly. 

Back to Face ID & Passcode screen. This time tap Set Up an Alternate Appearance. It will help you foremost if you have different looks sometimes. For example, your daily activities require you to wear a helmet, sunglasses, etc. 

Solution 5 – Update Software

Check if there is a new software update available on your iPhone 13. Open Settings > General > Software Update. Then, tap Download and Install. In common cases, updating iPhone to the latest iOS version can fix a glitch issue. 

Solution 6 – Reset All Settings

Does nothing of the solutions given above solve your iPhone 13 Face ID problems? Maybe you should try to reset all the configuration settings on your device and start over from the beginning:

  1. Launch the Settings on your iPhone.
  2. You need to enter your Passcode first to unlock it. On the Settings screen, find and tap General.
  3. Scroll down until you get Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Select the Reset option, and tap Reset All Settings. This method will not erase your iPhone data. It will just reset all iPhone settings to its factory default.

I hope one of the solutions given can solve your iPhone 13 Face ID problems. Otherwise, contact the nearest Authorized Apple Service Provider to check the device. I’m is afraid it is related to hardware issues. Don’t forget to check the warranty status of your iPhone. You can visit Apple’s official website or Settings > General > About.

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