How to fix Honor 20 View overheating issues

Even the greatest and most powerful phones may stumble upon an issue at times. One of the most common ones is overheating. The phone may become warm during the usage, and in certain situations, it can be hot. If you ever notice that, the first thing you should do is let the phone cool down. If you continue using it, you may cause damage to its hardware.

It seems that Honor 20 View isn’t immune to the issue. Some users reported the phone gets warm and were wondering what to do when that happens. Here, we are going to share a few tips on it, and we are going to show you how to fix Honor 20 View overheating issues.

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How to fix Honor 20 View overheating issues

A few quick tips:

  • Do not expose your device to direct sunlight
  • Avoid overcharging your device
  • When charging your phone, always use the original charger
  • Take a break when playing games because playing them for hours will cause overheating
  • The same goes for videos, so when watching the content take a break every once in a while

Remove the case

If you use a case for your device, remove it and use your phone without it for a while. Many users reported this helped. This especially goes for cases that are not made from quality materials so they tend to generate heat faster and cause phones to overheat.

Update the apps

The apps are something we use the most. That is why it is important they are up to date. Developers are giving their best to fix bugs and glitches and make the apps work better. Head over to Play Store and tap the hamburger icon. Tap My apps & games, and tap Update all.

Restart your phone

There are many apps and all kinds of processes that keep running in the background. That is why it is important to restart the phone – this will close all of it. Your phone will perform better, but it may also stop to overheat.

Update the software

Having the latest software version is very important. You’ll have new features at your fingertips, improved security, but also a phone that is bug-free. Here is how to update the software:

  • Open Settings on your device
  • Scroll down and tap System
  • Now select Software update
  • Tap Check for updates

If there is a new version, download and install it. Your device will reboot.

Clean the junk

Junk may pile up over time, and it can also be one of the reasons why your phone overheats. It may also slow down your phone and affect its performance. Honor has its own Optimizer where you can clean the junk files, but if you don’t like it for some reason, you may download one of many available in the Play Store.

Factory data reset

You can go for a fresh start. Factory data reset will wipe everything off, and you will have to set up your phone from scratch. Before doing that, make sure to create a backup. It sounds like a lot of work, but you’ll be done in no time. Here is how to factory reset your Honor 20 View:

  • Go to Settings from the Home screen
  • Tap System & updates
  • Tap Reset
  • Now tap Reset phone
  • Tap Reset phone to confirm.

Your phone will reboot. Once it does, follow a couple of steps on the screen and set it up as new.