How To Fix Galaxy S5 Lock screen And Notification Panel Glitches

Samsung Galaxy S5 no doubt is one of the best smartphones these days because it offers a large number of features to its users. But several flaws are also there that its users have been facing. We have discussed solution of many problems on Galaxy S5 here. Today we are going to discuss about Samsung Galaxy S5 lock screen and notification panel glitches. Some users have reported that when they press the Power button for unlocking the phone, a lockscreen sometimes rotate and prevent the users from unlocking the phone. Another uncommon problem faced by Galaxy S5 users is that the notification panel stops in halfway sometimes. It starts working again after sometime but it’s very annoying when you are in hurry.

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Possible solutions for Galaxy S5 lock screen and notification panel glitches

Galaxy S5 lock screen and notification panel glitches, both the problems are most probably occurring because of software issue. So there are two steps to handle such situation, one is booting your phone into Safe mode and the other one is performing factory reset.

Step 1

By booting your Galaxy S5 into Safe mode you will get to know if any app is causing this problem and then you can remove that app.

Steps to boot in safe mode:

> Turn off your phone

> Press the Power button and hold it until you see Samsung logo on the screen

> Just after the logo comes on the screen, press the Volume Down button and hold it after leaving the Power button

> Do not leave the Volume button until the Galaxy S5 finishes rebooting

> If these steps are successful, you will see Safe mode at the left side lower corner in the screen

> Leave the Volume Down button.

Now see if the Galaxy S5 lock screen and notification panel glitches are occurring in this mode, if not then any third-party app is the reason, so find it out and uninstall.

Galaxy S5 Lock screen And Notification Panel Glitches-1

Step 2

By performing factory reset all software and apps will be removed, only the factory-tested ones will be there.

> Turn off your phone

> Press Power, Home and Volume Up buttons together and hold them until Android logo appears on screen.

> Highlight wipe data/factory reset using Volume Down button and use Power button to select this option.

> Using Volume Down button highlight ‘Yes delete all data’ and use Power button to select it.

> Wait for some times until the ‘reboot system now’ option comes, select it using Power button.

If both the steps fail to solve this problem, you should contact with your carrier or get it for replacement.



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