How To Fix Facebook Authentication Failed On Android

We cannot think a single day without using Facebook, be it from your PC or phone. But for few months a large number of users are facing Facebook Authentication Failed error. In simple, users are not able to login to their Facebook page. Some said that they double checked the login credentials like username and password but are facing the same issue. Some other Facebook users said that they tried to login on different devices but the same Facebook Authentication Failed error is occurring.

If you also face this same issue and cannot login to your Facebook page, then here are some potential steps to follow to get rid of this issue.

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Possible solutions for Facebook authentication failed

Check connection

It may sound little silly but whenever you are facing Facebook Authentication Failed error, first you should check the internet connection. If you are using mobile data, switch to Wifi and see what happens.

Clear Cache and Data

If you see that internet connection is not a reason for Facebook Authentication Failed error, then next step is to clear both Cache and Data of the Facebook app. To do that, go to Settings > Application Manager > All tab > Facebook > Clear Cache and then Clear Data.

Many people have found solution following this step. But if it does not work for you, then follow the next step.

How To Fix Facebook Authentication Failed_clear cache

Reinstall the Facebook app

If both the above steps do not work to fix Facebook Authentication Failed error then uninstall the Facebook app. Then re-install the current version of Facebook going to Play Store if you are an android user. After the installation is done, reboot your phone and try to login. It should fix the issue.

In most of the cases, Facebook Authentication Failed problem occurs because of obsolete version of the Facebook app.



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