How to Fix Cracked iPhone 6 Screen Under 10 Minutes

Have you broken your iPhone 6’s screen and are in despair? Can you afford a new screen fix from Apple? If no then there is no need for you to worry a nail! Here we will show you how to fix your iPhone 6’s screen with a simple DIY tutorial.

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Just like any other iPhone model, the iPhone is vulnerable to mishaps and unpredictable accidents that happen every other day. If one day you have found yourself with a crushed or split screen you have a few options laid out for you. Of course topping the list would be Apple but if you’ve omitted it for any reason, a DIY revamp can be your alternative option. Naturally anyone who would hear this would blanch for mending a cracked iPhone 6 screen does not sound like an easy job. But, in fact, it is extremely easy once you are equipped with right tools! Maximum time this will take is 10 minutes. In this guide, we will not only show you how to mend your iPhone 6’s screen but we will also provide you with the best places where you can buy your tools.

Contemplate Before Taking the Decision

Before making such a big decision one should always compare and contemplate his or hers options. In this situation, you have 2 options for mending your device.

  1. Apple
  2. DIY Repair

For most people Apple will be the guaranteed and better option for when things are professionally made or mended they last longer and look better. If you are within your time warranty then they will charge you a lot lesser than their real cost.

For those who have obtained AppleCare+ with their iPhone 6, they can go ahead and visit the Apple Store to talk out their problem or call 1-800-APL-CARE for a scheduled mail-in renovate.

If your warranty period is finished and you have not purchased AppleCare+ and you’d like Apple to repair your device they will charge you $US109 along with tax to replace your screen. But, you have to take note that if your screen frame is bent or dented in any way they will charge US$299 with taxes.

There are some iPhone users who do not live anywhere near the Apple store and do not approve of the idea of shipping their iPhone 6 overseas to the Apple store for repair. Such people can go for the DIY method for it is more convenient.

If you have made your mind that you will go for the DIY scheme read below for the detailed tutorial.

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Spare Parts & The Necessary Tools

There are many spare part dealers out there, but not every last one of them is equal and for the same cause. Take for instance eBay and Amazon sellers. That is why you should go for suppliers and specially designed websites for this specific reason. eTech Parts is known to be the best (website) candidate for this situation of yours. It is said that this portal ships to many countries worldwide and their customer service is rated A+. Not to mention the quality of there is simply amazing.

Tip: Lately eTech has been quite generous and is offering a 30% coupon code to all the DIY’ers in a lot of their countries. The coupon code is “iMore”. Simply use this coupon code to complete your order and enjoy discounted high-quality items from the one and only eTech Parts.

Below are links and details of the 3 main items you will need to carry out this delicate operation:

  • iPhone 6 screen (included with small parts) – Black screen. | White Screen
  • iPhone 6 tool set.
  • Hobby Knife. (Razor Blade)

Important: Sometimes people cannot remove their current iPhone 6 screen with a suction cap. That is why a Hobby Knife (more commonly known and referred to as Razor Blade) will be best for you to use. Below in the detailed guide, we will show you another alternative method of getting rid of the screen in case you face this problem. A Razor Blade is also really helpful for removing your Touch ID Cable.


1.Shut Down Your iPhone 6

Before you can start with anything from the DIY guide first completely power off your iPhone. Hold down your power button until the Slide to Power Off message appears. Power off your iPhone and ensure that it is completely shut then you can continue.

2.Remove the Dock Screws

After you have purchased the aforementioned tools you will proudly own a 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver that you will need to remove 2 screws from your iPhone. These two screws are positioned right next to the Lightning Dock. Unscrew them and put them aside separately. You can mix these 2 screws up for they are exactly the same size and appearance.



iPhone 6 Cracked Screen

iPhone 6 Cracked Screen

Get Rid of Your Cracked Display Screen

  • Also, one of the items you will be able to get your hands on after purchasing the ToolKit is the Suction Cup. You will use this item to very carefully remove the bottom of your screen. Get your suction cup and position it exactly above your “Home” button. Once that is done make sure not to tug up too hard for there are many small cables connected to your display screen from your smartphone’s logic board.
  • Bring up your suction cup carefully upwards until you can comfortably see the inner hardware of your screen. As you can see in the picture below the top right corner is the place we will be targeting so pry your screen until you can see it. Your display cables are right there!
  • Here are 5 highlighted screws you will need to unscrew with your #000 Phillips Screwdriver. Take great care NOT TO mix up these 5 tiny screws for each of them is unique in its own way. Different shape and size every screw is varying from the other. It helps some people to put them in the same pattern as they are screwed.
  • Get rid of your display shield using either a small pair of tweezers or your fingers. Once again take great care not to snap or tear the display cables.
  • Positioned under your display shield are 4 cables holding and connecting your screen to the logic board. Just like it is shown in the photo below, remove the first two cables by using either your spudger tool or the flat end screwdriver you have. Be very careful to not pick the board but only on the wires. They should go loose easy.
  • After you have removed these 2 first cables you can now see the third cable. Carefully do away with this 3rd cable as well, just like you did with the first one.
  • Last of all you will see the 4th cable underneath your 3rd Repeat the same technique with this cable as well and now your display assembly should be visible and free to access.

NOTE: If your iPhone 6’s display is in critical condition or is shattered to the extreme then it will be a lot more difficult to pry it open with a suction cup. There will be no possibility of the cup grabbing a hold of the screen. Here you can use your Razor Blade to ease away the bottom of your display screen. But don’t use the Razor Blade all the way. Just use it until there is an opening for your flat end screwdriver or your spudger tool to get in the gap.


Tip-  You may use third party websites such as, ubreakifix, iFixit

You can take it on from there with your fingers.



Start on the Touch ID

Your broken display’s back has 2 screws that you should remove from the Touch ID shield. Remove these 2 screws and keep in mind not to mix up the screws for they are different than each other.

The silver shield that you eliminated from those screws can now be removed with care.

There is one singular cable that connects your Touch ID to the Home button and you need to remove it! No, not with your fingers but with the pointy end of the spudger tool you have.

Gently push the Home button from your display screen so your entire display cover w/ screen can come off with ease. It will be a bit hard relieving the Home button for there is adhesive sticking it to the logic board. You can use heat to make the removal easier, maybe a hair dryer or something like it to soften up the substance and allow you to remove it easily.

Now position your new Touch ID alongside the Home button in your replacement display ensuring that it is perfectly lined up so you can screw in the screws easily.

After you have positioned your Touch ID w/ Home Button secure your singular cable to the logic board.

Bring back your silver shield and replace it. Screw in the 2 previously removed screws.



Fix in Your New Display Set

You might remember how you removed those 4 cables of your old screen. If not scroll up and see the pattern again for you will need it. When installing your new display you will have to secure these 4 cables to your logic board in a reversed order compared to the way you removed them.

Put back your display shield along with the five screws you removed using the same #000 Phillips screwdriver.

Position your display set carefully, paying extra attention to the little nitches in the phone’s frame and also on the top of the display the tiny grooves can fit in with the display set if you place it appropriately.

Now, tentatively bring your display set downwards, begin the process from the top. Do not force the thing down! If it does not fit or tends to be stubborn check up on all the holes and see if they are lined up properly. There is no need for excessive force; that will only bring damage to your new iPhone display set. Keep trying until you can get it perfectly lined up and fixed. Remember NOT to use force or unnecessary pressure.



Replace Back the Dock Screws

Screw back in the 2 screws you had removed that were positioned beside the Lightning Dock with your 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver. Make sure that you don’t screw in these two small screws extremely tightly for that act can strip them. That usually means make them stuck where they are and make it extremely difficult to remove them afterwards if the need ever arose.

Screw them in until you can feel a little resistance and you are done!


Test Your New Screen

After you have screwed in your two screws and can see that there are no leftovers or spare parts littered around, you can now power on your iPhone. It is safe to do that! If all is well then you will see an Apple logo blessing your screen. If you have sighted the logo then refer to the steps below:

Once your iPhone 6 is ready to function, but you’re not quite sure about that, you should start checking and testing these functions just for assurance:

  • Check if the screen is responding to touches by typing on your keyboard and check for dead spots on the corners of your screen.
  • Make a test call and place your finger or hand on the top sensors to see if the screen goes blank just like it does when your face rubs against them.
  • Call yourself from any other phone or make a test call and ensure that you can hear the other voice from your earpiece.
  • Play some music and check if the speakers can emit the sounds without any interruptions or absurd background sounds.
  • Test your Home button and Touch ID and make sure they are responding to your touch and presses. It is suggested that you add a new fingerprint of yours to confirm your Touch ID is functioning as it should.

If all these mentioned touches work out fine, then congratulations you have just fixed your cracked iPhone 6 screen with your very own hands and the outcome was awesome!

IMPORTANT: If after you have switched on your iPhone 6 and lines appeared on your screen or a completely blank display, then try holding down your Home button along with your Power button together to reboot the system. If a reboot does not work, re-open your iPhone and ensure your cables are secured. Most of the times a partly secured display cable is the cause of this problem!