How To Fix A Frozen IPad (Level: EASY)

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Electronics are prone to freezing at some point. Maybe it could be because of the fact that they have become old or that some little bit of the machinery inside its body has gone faulty.  Whatever the problem may be, one should expect all of their devices to freeze at one point of their lives. Some of these frozen periods n your devices may be short-lived or long-lived, one can never know. But, there is always a solution for those electronics which have to go through the long process of freezing.

When such a thing happens to your iPad, there are the first 2 solutions.

  • Reset your iPad

Most of the times the restarting does the whole thing but if it does not work you can always switch to this option. Rest your iPad by pressing on your ‘Home’ button along with your ‘Wake/Sleep’ button on top of your iPad. Hold these 2 buttons for about 10 seconds or so then release. Afterwards your iPad should

  • Restart your iPad

Known as the No. 1 remedy to unfreeze your iPad restarting it usually shuts down all the apps that slow it down and start them all over again fresh and fast. Easy as pie, you only have to press down your sleep/wake button until a red slider appears on your screen. Slide it across your screen and your iPad will shut down. You can start your iPad by clicking again on your sleep/wake button until you see an Apple logo on the screen.

Sometimes these 2 solutions do not work. If so happens follow these instructions:

  • Restoring your iPad

Restoration usually means that you will have to bring your iPad back to factory settings. Something is better nothing!

  1. First off you have to ensure that you have a USB 2.0 cable. And the latest iTunes version installed on your Apple device.
  2. Fetch your PC/laptop/Mac and connect your iPad to it.
  3. Go to your ‘Devices’ tab then click on the ‘iPad’
  4. You will see a ‘Summary’ Click on it! Lastly, click on the ‘Restore’ button that will appear there.
  5. After prompted, you should click on ‘Back Up’ so as to ensure you have a clean copy of all your previous data for further use. All your settings and multimedia will be backed up.
  6. Now click on the ‘Restore’
  7. This will allow your iPad to back to factory settings and also install for you the newest iPad operating system/software.
  8. You now can bring back all your backed up data from the recent backup you have made and click ‘Continue’. Your iPad is now back to normal and functioning perfectly.

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