How to find saved passwords in Opera GX Gaming browser

Opera GX gaming browser looks great, but that’s not the only thing that makes this browser unique. It also has a bunch of features that you won’t be able to find in other browsers. If you are using it for a certain period of time, our guess is that you saved passwords for various websites and services you are using regularly. Is it possible to access the previously saved passwords? Sure it is and we are going to show you the steps. It is all pretty simple. Here is how to find saved passwords in Opera GX gaming browser.

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How to find saved passwords in Opera GX Gaming browser

These days, there are so many services we can use online, for instance, music streaming, video streaming, social media, and more. We can use them on various devices, from PCs to smartphones and the login details are the same. Let’s say you are using the service on a PC but now you want to log in on your smartphone and you can’t remember the password. You can find saved passwords in Opera GX gaming browser and here is how:

  • Open Opera GX
  • Click on three horizontal lines in the top-right corner
  • When you access Easy Setup, scroll down and click on Go to browser settings
  • Scroll down and click Advanced
  • Under Autofill click on Passwords

  • Click on Saved passwords
  • The passwords you have previously saved will be listed there

As you can see, it is all pretty simple. So, each time when you can’t remember a password, go to this section and find the password you need.