How To Extend The Galaxy Note 4 Battery Life

The battery of the Galaxy Note 4 is 3220 mAh which is standard and gives a good battery life to the users. But the phone comes with tons of features, powerful processor, and QHD display which use a lot of battery power depending on how the phone is used. So a lot of people face Galaxy Note 4 battery life issues. The battery life of a phone always depends on the way you use, the more it is in use, the faster the phone battery finishes.

If you are using this phone and the short battery life is giving you problems then follow the below steps. Here I will discuss about Galaxy Note 4 battery life tips.

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Galaxy Note 4 battery life tips

Check the display settings

Samsung packs a bright and beautiful display in its Galaxy Note 4 but this AMOLED display is alone enough to consume a large portion of battery life if the brightness is on. Many people have idea that the battery only drains when you watch a video or listen to songs but in real the battery drains every time you turn on the screen.

In order to improve the Galaxy Note 4 battery life hours head to Display Settings. There check the options and if you want you can turn down the brightness. It can be done dragging down the notification bar also. Automatic brightness is good enough for visibility and thus for battery drain. You can off the auto brightness if it is too bright for the eyes. Also reduce the screen time out.

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Check the processes and apps

Most of the android apps work well and do not create any problems, but there are one or two bad apps that consume the most battery power. Some apps are there that remain on incorrectly in the background and kill the battery life.

If you notice that the battery is draining faster than usual then head to Settings > Battery and see what is consuming more battery power. If you notice that one or two apps that you have not used in 2-3 days but they are claiming a large battery power, it’s time to have a look at those apps. If you do not use them much then it’s better to remove them or else contact with that app developer.

Keep adaptive fast charger with you for emergency

An adaptive fast charger comes with every Galaxy Note 4 which charges the phone at a higher rate than usual. It can help in galaxy note android 4 battery life though carrying the adaptive fast charger with you may not be possible all the time. If you want to carry one with you then make sure you use that one which came with the phone to get the quickest charge possible.

Have a QI charging backup

Galaxy Note 4 does not come with the QI wireless charging but now Samsung is selling replacement back covers that is having the facility of adding the feature if you want. The style will be little like the S-View Flip Cover or something like stock cover. One thing is the latter one is little thicker, so it may interfere with the cases if you use any.

Other few points that one should remember to extend the Galaxy Note 4 battery life are:

  • Try not to use any live wallpapers as they eat up more battery.
  • When you charge the phone do not unplug it until it reaches 100%.
  • Turn off the mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wifi when they are not in use.
  • Haptic feedback needs to be turned off if you want to increase the battery life.
  • If possible off the auto-syncing of accounts.
  • Use the Power saving features of the Note 4.
  • Use the original charger and battery.

After following all these steps also if the Galaxy Note 4 battery life issues do not solve, then consider replacing the battery.