How To Extend The Battery Life Of A MACBook

Apple is launching new products every year along with lots of excellent features. Apple Mac book pro and air are the incredible products from Apple, with the long-lasting battery of around more than 6-8 hours. Also, Apple has included some features in the MAC book to increase the battery life even more.

In case you want to extend the battery life of a MacBook to a great extent, here are some tricks that can be followed to maximize the battery life when you are travelling or at an off-site meeting where there is no provision of charging the MacBook. But before attempting to enhance the battery life of the MacBook, ensure that the battery is in the good condition. To check this, press the option key on the keyboard and click on the battery icon at the top of the menu bar. It should display the ‘Normal’ rating. In case, it shows ‘Replace soon’, the battery health is not good and you need to replace it as soon as possible by getting it to the technician.

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Ways to extend the battery life of a MacBook

Enable energy saver:

This is the first step to extend the battery life of your Macbook. Energy saver is a feature you can activate by going to Apple > System preference and then select energy saver. Ensure the battery settings are exposed and then click on ‘restore defaults’. This will now turn off the Mac in every 10 minutes and the display will be off after two minutes when not in use. Also, allow the hard disc to go into the sleep mode when possible. Dim the display, but never enable the power nap as it will drain enough battery.

Extend the battery life of a macbook

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Install software update:

Installing the software update is another option to improve the battery life of your Macbook. To check if any updates are available for your MacBook, click on the Apple logo on the menu bar and select the ‘software update’ option. Also, the software can be updated from the Apple store as well. For that, click on the Apple store and select the tab ‘updates’ to update the software.

Dim all lights:

Try to dim both the screen and keyboard to a level that your eyes can tolerate. The screen brightness can be adjusted by pressing the function key where you are required to press the F1 key. Or else, press FN and F1 key to reduce the screen brightness. Also, it is suggested to turn off the auto brightness feature by going to System preference > system and then uncheck the box ‘Automatically adjust brightness’.

Extend the battery life of a macbook

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On MacBook keyboard, there is a backlit to help out the users in reading in the dark. This feature drains huge amount of battery. Again, it can be disabled by pressing the F5 or F5 and FN key from the keyboard. In order to turn it on, just press F6+FN and the backlit will be on.

Turn off Bluetooth:

How to extend the battery life of a macbook is a common question of all the MacBook users. Yes, there are so many ways and turning off the Bluetooth connection whenever not required, is one of the best ways. When you are carrying your MacBook with you, most probably you will not carry the Bluetooth mouse, keyboard or speaker. So the suggestion is to turn off the Bluetooth connection and radio to conserve some power.

Turn off Wi-Fi:

Similarly, turning off the Wi-Fi connection when you are not using the internet is a good way to extend the battery life of a macbook. To turn off the Wi-Fi, click on the Airport option in the menu bar and select turn Wi-Fi off.

Extend the battery life of a macbook

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Close applications that are not in use:

Running so many applications in the background drains a great percentage of the battery. So, close the programs you are not using by clicking on the Command and Q key altogether. In case any program is frozen, just click on the Apple icon on the menu bar and select force quit followed by the program that you want to close.

Eject unnecessary disc:

If you are using a MacBook that has a SuperDrive, do not forget to eject them as soon as the use is over. The reason is, the CD and DVDs used in SuperDrive will automatically spin up that sometimes causes the laptop to drain some battery.