How to enable parental controls on Showtime

Do you have a Showtime subscription that your family uses too? Are you worried that your kids might be able to watch something that they should not be watching according to their age? Parental controls are the savior in such a situation. Parental controls are available on the Showtime platform. You can use these parental controls to choose which type of content you want your family members using your Showtime subscription to watch and which type of content you do not want them to watch. Using these parental controls is very easy. To know how you can use them, you need to read this article and follow the instructions given accordingly.

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Log in

First of all, you need to log in to the Showtime Anytime at this link- from a browser. So, open a browser on your smartphone or computer. The browser must have the latest update in order to load the website without any glitch. Once you have the browser open, you need to go the Showtime Anytime website mentioned above. Now, log in with your login credentials on this website. You should be able to find a login button on the home page of the website itself.

If you can’t remember your password during this login process, you can use the ‘forgot password’ feature to reset your password. After you have reset your password, you need to log in to the website using this new password.

You can proceed further only after you have successfully logged in to the Showtime Anytime website.


After you have logged in to the Showtime Anytime website, you need to go to the settings of the Showtime Anytime platform. This settings option will be available in the main menu of the website. You just need to find it and then click on it when you find it and then the settings menu will open up.

Viewing preferences

When the settings menu opens up, navigate to the ‘viewing preferences’ option in the settings menu on the Showtime Anytime website. Now, you need to click on this ‘viewing preferences’ option to open the viewing preferences.

Here, in the viewing preferences, you will see that all the associated accounts are listed and you can go to each account and choose the maximum allowed rating that you want for each account. There are different ratings associated with each Showtime video. Ratings are varying from safe for kids to strictly for adult categories. For a particular family member, there are some videos with the kind of ratings that you might not want to allow that family member to watch. So, what you can do is choose the rating (associated with that family member’s account) just below the minimum rating that you can’t allow that family member to watch. Similarly, you can choose the safe maximum rating, that the videos that can be watched by the respective family member can have. Once you have chosen the safety ratings for each of your family members, you are done enabling the parental controls.

Important note:

You can enable/disable the parental controls of your Showtime account only if you are the primary account holder. There is no way for you to be able to change the parental controls if you are not the primary account holder of your Showtime account. In case you actually are the primary account holder of your Showtime subscription account, then you need to contact your TV provider if you want to enable or disable the parental controls of the Showtime platform for your subscription.