How To Enable Fast Charging On Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Galaxy S6 Edge is the second ever smartphone from the South Korean electronics giant Samsung which is packed with edge display technology to offer a great experience to its users. Another feature that takes Galaxy S6 Edge ahead of the competition is its Fast charging feature.

We know that all android smartphones take almost 3 hours or so to get fully charged from 0%. But sometimes it happens that you need to go out soon taking your phone and the phone is showing low battery icon. This is where Fast charging feature works as a life saver. However, to get all the advantages of this amazing feature, first you will have to enable Fast Charging on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Here we are going to discuss the steps for that.

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What is Fast Charging?

Fast charging is a built-in feature in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that lets you charge your phone faster. This feature can be used when the screen or the device is turned off.

Fast charging uses the battery charging technology which increases the charging power and hence the battery gets charged faster. Galaxy S6 Edge supports Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0 and Adaptive Fast charging feature of Samsung.

Steps to enable Fast charging feature

Before we start with the steps, one thing to mention here is that Fast charging will not work on charger cable that comes with the box or on stock USB cable. You will have to buy a good quality cable and then start with the steps to enable Fast charging feature in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Do not compromise with the quality to make sure that the phone and the feature work properly.

  • First, connect the new USB cable to your battery charger that supports Quick Charge 2.0 or Adaptive fast charging feature
  • Head to the Settings in your Galaxy S6 Edge
  • From the Settings, go to Battery Settings
  • You will find Rapid charging option inside Battery settings. Tick the checkbox next to it.
  • That’s it. The Fast charging feature is activated on your Galaxy S6 Edge.`

Some important points

  • Turn off the screen of your phone or turn off the device in order to increase the charging speed.
  • You will see a charging icon on the phone’s screen when you connect the charger.
  • The Fast charging feature works only when the screen is turned off. So turn off the screen to let the feature work.
  • There is an option to check on the remaining charge time on the phone’s screen. The remaining time usually varies on the charging conditions.
  • If your phone gets overheated or if the surrounding air temperature rises, the charging speed will get decreased automatically to prevent any damage.
  • The built-in Fast charging feature does not work if you use a standard battery charger. This is the reason many users have been seen to complain about the Fast charging feature not working on their Galaxy s6 Edge.

The presence of Fast charging feature along with the 5.1-inch screen with 1440 x 2560 resolution, 3 GB RAM, android lollipop 5.0 with TouchWiz 2550 mAh battery (non-removable), all together this is an ultimate choice if you are thinking to get a new smartphone in your hand.

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