How to download private Instagram account videos

In this article, we are going to be showing you some ways that you can download videos from Instagram’s private accounts.

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Steps to downloading a video from Instagram’s private profile

Let’s be real here, many third-party apps cannot download videos or photos from profiles that are private. But, luckily, we have found one app that works, but it is only available on your computer or any other desktop device. You can access it here by clicking on this link. It does not have a name, I mean, it is called Instagram Private Video Downloader, but, it is going to help you download and convert videos online in MP4. And here is how it works:

You just need to open up that link that we have given you earlier in your browser on your computer (Google Chrome is the preferred browser). You basically need to copy that video’s HTML code. Do not worry, that’s really easy. You will also have to open up Instagram in another tab and log into your account. Look for that video from a private profile that you want to download and open it.

When you have opened the video, you will have to right-click it so that you open up a menu with some options. In that menu, find the View Page Source option and click on that too. A new tab is going to be opened in your browser where you will be able to see the HTML code of that video. Simply copy the whole HTML code to your clipboard and then head over to the Private Video Downloader’s tab. In that tab, you will be able to see a big blank box where you need to paste that HTML code that you have previously copied to your clipboard. Right-click and paste it there. Then click on the Download Instagram Video. The site is going to extract the video, and when that process has been finished, you will have to click on that Download button again. The downloading of the video is going to begin shortly. And that is basically it. You can share that video from your desktop to your phone with some other app and you will have that same video on your phone too. Head over to the second paragraph of this article to find out how to save a video from a private account using another method.

Screen recording

If you are an iPhone user, you will already have the screen recording feature built into your system. But, if you are using an Android device, you might have to download any kind of Screen Recorder from the Google Play Store. We recommend this one because it is great. You can just click on this link and download it to your device right away. This app works like any other, you just press the record button and the screen recording is going to start in just a few seconds. If you are going to be using this app, in the notification bar of your phone, you are going to have a tab with fast access to the app. So, if you need to record something fast, you just access your notifications tab and then click on the Record button.

These kinds of apps are great if you want to save a video from a private account to your gallery. You just open up that video and hit the Record button as soon as the video starts. When you are done with filming the whole video end the recording session. That video will be saved to your gallery right away.