How to Download an APK File from Google Play

Now, everyone has adapted the tendency to get a newer version of phone available in the market in the regular interval, in order to be updated with all the latest and flawless features to suffice our requirements.

In the same manner, the versions used for the phone’s software also revives as per the compatibility of the apps we wish to utilize, because it’s not necessary that every app will be in accord with the version used in our phone.

Just like Windows PC systems use a .exe file for the installation of the software, Android uses APK files(Android Application Package) to install software on Android operating system. One can download APK from Google Play to get hands on the Google’s latest apps and to use their latest versions. APK downloader is very supportive when we are trying to gain access to the latest Google updates as it accustoms us to bypass carriers, which can gauge your patience as it consumes a good amount of time if you try to download from a different channel.

If you try to download APK files through any APK downloader from any x, y ,z websites then please be cautious as some APK files may contain malicious software, also known as Malware, which might compromise your phone’s security and also are capable of damaging the motherboard and give you the access to pirated apps, so it is best and advisable by experts to download APK from Google play store. Now, to download APK files from Google


APK Files

Please follow the below-stated instructions ethically for APK Downloader:

1- If you are willing to download many APK files then possessing an extension from Google Chrome is preferable.

2- Once you have added the extension to your desktop browser, you’ll require your email address to enter which will be stored in your Chrome extension which is linked with your Google Play account and to transpose the APK downloader to your device you would need your device ID for later requests. To get your device ID, download an app called Device ID, which will bring up your device ID to you after accessing it. It’s good if you use one of the device ID and password associated to login to APK Downloader. Now go to the Google Play Store and search for the APK Downloader. Once you’ve found it click on install in your computer.

3- Now, to transpose APK downloader to the device enables ‘unknown sources’ in your device by going into the ‘ security settings’. Now connect your phone with your PC and click on USB storage on your phone’s screen.

4- Post the above process, copy the APK Downloader and paste it into the downloads folder segment. After disconnecting your device from PC, open download folder in your phone using File Manager app, then tap on the downloaded APK. It will ask for your permission and will install itself in your device. And it’s done.

Installing APK downloader provides us with a gateway to a whole new world of opportunities to get a hand on experience on the apps which are niche and hard to come.


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  1. tks 🙂 I’m also cautious when downloading apk files from some websites. Just rely on popular, safe ones like apkpure, apknite. And also used their extension. Don’t wanna get viruses to my device :v

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