How To Do A Reverse Image Search On iPhone iOS 13

Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers are like a magic tool. You can easily find almost any information by typing the related keywords. From pancake recipes to a solution for fixing iPhone issues. Searching for any references on the browser of your iPhone may not be a big deal for you. But what if you want to find references related to an image? Like when you find a picture of a beautiful landscape and wondering if you can find a valid reference of where the location is. How to do a reverse image search on iPhone?

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How To Do A Reverse Image Search On iPhone iOS 13

On Chrome

Though Safari is a default browser that comes with your iPhone, some people may prefer using Google Chrome. If you use this browser, then do a reverse image in Chrome on your iPhone is not hard work at all. You can just press and hold on the picture. On a prompt that will appear, select Search Google for This Image. Then, a new tab on your Chrome will open and you will see the relevant images and sources.

On Safari

To do a reverse image in Safari is not as simple as in Chrome. It requires more steps. When you are in Safari, your eyes catch an interesting image and you are curious if it is possible to find the original source for that picture. Well yes, it is possible and here are the steps:

  1. Press deeply on the image until you see a pop-up window, then choose the Add to Photos.
  2. Open a new tab on Safari, type on the search box and tap Go on the iPhone virtual keyboard.
  3. Tap the alphabet icon (aA) and select Request Desktop Site on the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Google Chrome search box, you will see a camera icon. Tap on it.
  5. Select Upload an image in the search box and tap on Choose File.
  6. When a prompt appears, choose the Photo Library and select the image that you have just downloaded.

Using Third-Party Apps

Performing a reverse search image in the Safari of your iPhone seems slightly exhausting. Too many steps. If you have  Chrome as another browser on your iPhone, you can use it instead. Otherwise, download a third-party app like Reversee or Photo Sherlock from the AppStore. It will help you to find related images on the iPhone.