How To Disable Pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox

How To Disable Pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox

The general purpose of the pop-up has been extremely positive – they allow the developers to request confirmation of the information entered on the site, removing the error when accessing to the page with the registration data and helped in every possible way to communicate with the visitor. But over time, pop-ups became not so good. In fact, in a special customized window sometimes it doesn’t allow you to leave the site, and in some cases, they lead the users to the suspicious content. It is in order to avoid being the internet’s victim, it is recommended to block the pop-up in Mozilla Firefox. Let’s see how to disable the pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox.

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How to disable the pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox

To disable pop-up windows in Mozilla you need just a few clicks using the main menu. To perform this action:

Start your browser from a shortcut on the desktop, taskbar, or from the “Start” menu. Click the button “Open Menu” on the toolbar. Select “Options” from the menu. Open the “Content” section. Put a tick on the option “Block pop-ups windows”.

Important! Enabling this feature will block pop-up windows and similar elements for all the sites you visit.


If you trust any site that uses pop-ups, you can add the address to the list of exceptions. To add the desired page as an exception, and remove pop-up blocker in Mozilla Firefox, just follow the instructions:

Back to “Content”, in “Options” menu. Click on “Exceptions” and in the field bellow “Address of website” enter the link. Click on “Allow” and then – “Save changes”.

After making these changes, restart your browser so the new rules can apply to the newly opened pages.

I hope the above tips will help you not to fall for scam tricks, holding you on their sites and forced to follow the links of advertisers. For complete safety on the network, install any add blocker.



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