How To Disable Plugins In Mozilla

One of the most popular questions on the internet is how to disable the plugins in Mozilla. There are several reasons for that: for example, a plug-in (an extension or theme) is not needed anymore or don’t work properly. Usually, plugins are used for the treatment of various Internet contents that are not designed for the Mozilla Firefox browser or their standard tools are not enough. They allow you to view certain video formats, listen to audio files and play various online games. This guide will show you how to disable plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

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How To Disable Plugins In Mozilla Firefox.


Deactivate plugins

In order to disable unnecessary plugins in Mozilla Firefox is required:

Start your browser. In the upper right corner click on the button with three parallel dashes and select “Add-ons” < “Plugins”. There you can choose “Never Activate”.

Important! In these sections, you can also completely remove the plugin. However, we should mention that if you delete it, all its data and settings saved will be removed as well. When you reinstall it again, the information will not be restored, and you will have to adjust it all over again.


Run Mozilla Firefox in Safe mode

If you need to disable Mozilla Firefox plug-ins due to the unstable work of your browser, then you can try to restart Mozilla in safe mode with disabled additions. This procedure will help you to find out the reason why it is not working properly. This will require:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox.
  • In the address bar type “about:support”
  • On the right side of the screen, choose “Restart with add-ons disabled”
  • Wait until the browser restarts.


Refresh Mozilla Firefox

If it is necessary to completely remove all plugins and add-ons installed, you need to clean the Mozilla Firefox. It should be mentioned that any changes you made to your browser settings will be permanently deleted and to recover them in the future will be impossible. User data is stored in the folder on your desktop, and the new user profile is created. To clear the browser you must:

  • Start Mozilla Firefox.
  • In the address bar type «about: support» and press Enter. Click on the button “Refresh Firefox» On the right side of the screen. Once again press the “Refresh Firefox» in the window that appears



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