How To Disable Key Tones On Your IPad

All Apple devices are known for their stability, durability and beautiful design. The company implements new technologies and features all the time, so with every device that they launch, we can expect something new. When it comes to iPhones, iPods and iPads, all these devices come with many great features for you to explore. When you buy a new iPhone, iPad or any other device from Apple, you need to spend some time using it so you can discover which features you like, and which ones you want to disable. You can set almost everything according to your needs and desires. Here, we are going to show you how to disable key tones on your iPad.

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How to disable key tones on your iPad


It is really hard to find someone who loves the key tones on any device. Even if you are an average user, and if you don’t spend too much time using the iPad, the key tones can be pretty annoying. If you are a pro user, and if you need the iPad for school or work, which means you are using it for a few hours every day to complete the tasks, key tones are beyond annoying. The key tones are enabled by default, but you can easily turn this option off. You can disable it temporarily or completely.

To turn off key tones temporarily, all you need to do is to is move the mute switch above the volume buttons. But, there is an obvious downside when it comes to this method – you will mute all the sounds on your iPad, including the sounds for notifications, media, etc.

To turn off key tones completely, do this: navigate to Settings, tap on Sounds, and move the switch next to “Keyboard clicks”.


That is all you need to do! Key tones on your iPad are now disabled!


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