How to disable Discord overlay for a specific game

Discord has a super clean interface, it is easy to use and games from all around the world love it. It has a bunch of awesome features, including overlay which allows the parties to use voice chatting and messaging. This is pretty cool and it makes gaming sessions even more fun. But, if you want some peace you can turn this feature off. In one of our previous guides, we have shown you how to turn it off. In this article, we are going to share the steps on how to disable Discord overlay for a specific game, so if that’s something you want to know, keep reading.

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How to disable Discord overlay

If you want to disable this feature for a specific game, you can do it through Discord’s Settings.

Follow the steps below:

  • Launch Discord
  • Open the Settings
  • Click on Game Activity on the left side of the screen (located under App Settings)

  • You will see the list of your games now
  • There is a monitor icon right next to each game
  • To disable the overlay, just click on that icon.

This applies to all of the games you have previously installed, no matter if the games are single-player games or team-based.

Whenever you want to enable the overlay again, just follow the same steps, navigate to the game, and click on the monitor icon to turn the overlay on.