How to delete your Crunchyroll account

You must have watched a couple of anime or manga on Crunchyroll already. Crunchyroll has been feeding you that, hasn’t it? When it was born 14 years ago of the American company Otter Media, its purpose was to link the rest of the world with the Japanese animation style. If you’re here and are interested to read about how to delete your account, you believe that you’re ready to take a step back from all the anime and probably focus on something else. Not to worry – this article is going to show you how to delete your Crunchyroll account.

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Reasons why

These could be some of the reasons you want to quit on Crunchyroll:

  1. You want to focus on other anime platforms, e.g. Funimation
  2. You are not satisfied with Crunchyroll’s library and you want more and different anime
  3. You feel like some in-platform functionalities are tricky for you to handle
  4. You just don’t feel like being associated with Crunchyroll anymore

Whatever the reason, this article will guide you on how to go about the process. You should use a desktop or laptop (Windows, macOS, or Linux) for this business. The steps are tailored to be used on those platforms.

What needs to be done

Delete your Crunchyroll account is not a straightforward process. In this article, it has been assumed that you have a recurring membership plan – either Premium or Premium Plus membership. You will first downgrade to a free account so that you are allowed to delete your account.

  1. Click on on a modern browser.
  2. On the ‘Sign Up/Login’ page, enter your account’s credentials (email or username and password) and click on the ‘Login’ orange button. This should successfully open you to your account’s home page. The cover of a promoted production will be shown in the background.

Downgrading your membership status

  1. Now, click on the profile picture button which is at the top right corner, right next to the ‘Random’ one.
  2. On the (dark menu) that displays, click on the ‘Settings’ option. On the Acct (Account) page that shows, you should see two sections on the left side, ‘Profile Settings’ and ‘Account Settings’.
  3. Under ‘Account Settings’, click on ‘Premium Membership Status’. The status page will show on the right side.
  4. Depending on your current plan (whether a free trial, premium or premium plus one), click on the ‘Cancel’ button under ‘Membership Status’. When a message pops us to ask for your confirmation, click ‘Ok’. You will have downgraded to the basic and free plan.

Now, deleting your Crunchyroll account

  1. You now need to visit the Nuke page via this link.
  2. Once you click the link, you will be shown the ‘Account Deactivation’ page. For the ‘Why do you want to deactivate your account?’, the following will be shown as options:
    1. I have another Crunchyroll account
    2. Too much social drama!
    3. My account is broken and can’t be fixed
    4. I spend too much time on Crunchyroll
    5. I receive too many emails from Crunchyroll
    6. I don’t find Crunchyroll useful.
    7. This is temporary, I’ll be back!
    8. I don’t feel safe on the site
    9. I don’t understand how to use the site
    10. Other
  3. You can choose to give additional feedback in the ‘Explain more below’ text box.
  4. Now, to confirm that you want to deactivate your account, enter your password.
  5. Then, click the orange ‘Deactivate Now’ button.

Crunchyroll’s advice: Once you deactivate, you cannot undo it. Only do it if you are sure.