How to contact Crunchyroll

Did you run into trouble while using the Crunchyroll platform and can’t figure out how to resolve the problem? Well, that can be frustrating, but don’t worry. There is a solution to every problem. If you couldn’t figure out the solution yourself, then who better to ask for a solution to your problem than Crunchyroll itself? Is it possible to do so? Yes, you can share all your troubleshooting issues related to the Crunchyroll platform and request for a solution by submitting a request by email to the Crunchyroll contact portal service. You can also contact Crunchyroll if you are pressed to advertise with Crunchyroll, if you want to partner with Crunchyroll or if you want to connect with Crunchyroll studios by directly emailing Crunchyroll.

Technical trouble

In case you run into some trouble that you think is technical, then you need to submit a request at this link:

So, first of all, open a browser on a device. The device should be connected to a stable and good-quality internet connection. Once the browser is open, type this link in the browser's address bar and navigate to the link. This will lead you to the portal where you can submit a request to solve the issue you are facing. When you have loaded the webpage at the specified link, you will see a downward arrow under the "submit a request" heading. Click on this arrow to open the drop-down list.

From the opened drop-down list, choose the ‘technical’ option. Now, some more textboxes will be loaded on the webpage. These text boxes have to be filled too before you can submit a request. The first text box is for your email address. Then enter your email address in this text box. Next, you need to enter the subject of the issue you are facing and provide a description of the issue in the next text box.

After this, there will be two drop-down boxes from which you need to choose the options which are relevant to your issue. The last text box is for the version of the device that you are using. Fill in the text boxes with all the appropriate data. Add any attached file if you want. Finally, press the submit button to submit the request.

Other trouble(s)

For issues and trouble related to your account or login, billing, e-commerce, or any general issue, you must go to the link and submit a request.

Follow the steps mentioned in the text under the previous heading except for a few things which are mentioned here. You need to choose a relevant type of issue, and you don’t have to fill in options in two drop-down lists. There is only one drop-down list here.

Contact directly

If you want to email Crunchyroll to contact it, there are options for that as well. To do this, you need to have the email address from which you will be sending an email to the relevant Crunchyroll email address. If you do not have an email address, you can make one very easily. For example, you can create a Google Gmail email address for yourself by creating a Google account.

For those who are from the press and want to inquire about Crunchyroll's company, then the email for that is

You may be in business. You will have to send an email to a different email address. The email address for those wanting to advertise with Crunchyroll is

To partner with Crunchyroll, you can send an email at

Connect with Crunchyroll studio for any purpose, the email address is

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