How to connect an Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi

If you just bought an Amazon Echo, we can tell you that you are going to love it, that’s for sure. But, to get all the great things this smart speaker has to offer, you’ll have to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. Once you do that, you’ll be able to communicate with Alexa, the virtual assistant and you will get the whole experience. Not sure how to do that? Keep reading. Here, we are going to show you how to connect an Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi.

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How to connect an Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi

Alexa app

The first thing you need to do here is to get an Alexa app and install it on your device. It is because you will connect to the Wi-Fi network using the Amazon Alexa app.

Download Amazon Alexa for Android

Download Amazon Alexa for iPhone


How to connect an Amazon Echo to Wi-Fi

Now, you have the Amazon Alexa app installed on your Android or iOS device, your Echo is all set up, and you are ready to move forward. Here is how to connect Amazon Echo to a Wi-Fi network:

  • First, sign in to the Alexa app on your device (Android or iOS)
  • Next, tap on Devices located at the bottom-right corner
  • Tap Echo & Alexa
  • Now select the Echo device you want to connect to a Wi-Fi network
  • Now tap “Change” right next to Wi-Fi network
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection

Once done, the Echo will be connected to a Wi-Fi network. Now, you can speak to Alexa, and make calls, play music, set up alarms, and more. But, if for some reason, the Echo ring turns red when you start talking, it means it isn’t connected to the Wi-Fi network. Try the steps we have listed again, and if it doesn’t work, restart your modem and router.