How to clone yourself in TikTok

Have you ever wished that you could clone yourself in your TikTok videos? Do you have some fantastic ideas for creating video content on TikTok, but it involves cloning yourself? Well then, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find out how you can clone yourself in TikTok. TikTok is a place where the majority of the content is for entertainment purposes. To keep your viewers entertained, you must keep trying to provide trending content. Cloning yourself is one such type of trending content. In this article, there are two different methods explained to do so. Read on to find out and choose whichever way is feasible for you and works best.

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Using the TikTok app

This is the first method that you can use to clone yourself in a TikTok video. For this method, you will be recording a TikTok video twice. For both times, you need to keep the camera in the same position with the same background in the view of the recording camera. For the first time, make a TikTok video with a song/sound of your choice from the list of songs/sounds available on the TikTok app. While you are making this first video, you need to be careful to leave some space in the recording video screen for your clone so that when you make the second video, your two videos will not overlap. After making the first video, save it on your phone. Next, you will make your clone in the same video. This will be done by using the latest effect introduced by TikTok. What you need to do now is tap on the effects option from the TikTok camera screen. In the effects menu, which opens up, tap on the new option. Then, tap on the green screen icon here. Choose the video which you made earlier as your background for the green screen. Now, record the new video where you clone yourself using the record button here. When you are done, your clone video is ready for TikTok. You can also clone more of yourself by repeating the above steps in the last video.

Using the Video Star app

For this second method, you need to download and install the Video Star app available on the Apple App Store. Open TikTok and choose a sound/song to record the video for. Then record the video for one of your clones, leaving space for your other clone(s). Next, record the video for the other clone of yourself for the same sound/song on TikTok. Split those two videos and save them on your phone. Open the Video Star app now. Tap the plus button, choose the select song option, import the song/sound from one of the split videos, and then tap on the make video option. Tap the add option, import the video option, import one of the split videos, and sync the video with the sound/song. Now add the second split video and then import it. Sync this video with the sound as well. Now tap the new and then the multi-layer clip option. Tap on the ‘1’ option in the left bar and choose the first video you imported. Next, tap the ‘2’ option and then select the second imported video. Tap on the ‘2’ option again and tap on the add mask option. Delete the area in this video where your other clone is there. Do a similar deletion with the first video too. Tap the create option and then choose yes.

Points to note:

  1. For the first method, ensure that the TikTok app on your device is updated to its latest released version. If it is not, then you should update it before applying the method.
  2. The second method is only for iPhone users as the Video Star app is available only for iOS devices.
  3. You might need to buy the multi-layer clip effect in the Video Star app.
  4. You need to ensure that the lighting in each of your cloned videos is the same. Otherwise, the final video won’t come out perfect.