How to Clean Up Junk Files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

iPhone hardware specification has always been the benchmark as a smartphone with the best performance. The secret recipe from iPhone performance which becomes the important key is: its hardware and software are made directly by Apple itself. That distinguishes Apple from other smartphones. iPhone is powered by Apple a Series Chip processor and iOS that they made in “their own home”. Not surprisingly if iPhone 6 with 1GB memory has a good performance in real-world experience or equal to a smartphone with 2GB memory.

We may find our iPhone is getting slow and not like the first time we open it from the box. Of course, it’s not supposed to occur. One of the reasons it becomes slower is the junk files which fill up your iPhone storage and memory. We are going to share how to clean up Junk files and free up memory on iPhone. Junk Files term actually is not completely junk, it could be just cache from an app, something that supports your app to run. But, by the time it piles up and makes the iPhone slow. Moreover, tweak toward a limited memory management on iPhone is needed for some iPhone users.

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How to clean up junk files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

We will divide this discussion into 2 categories.

Clean up Junk Files and Free Up Memory from Settings

We’re going to start with cleaning data or files we don’t need anymore.

  • Go to Settings >> General >> usage
  • Tap Manage Storage.
  • Tap an item in Documents and Data.
  • Slide to the left the item that you don’t need anymore and tap Delete, or
  • Tap Edit on the top right corner >> Delete All to remove all the app’s data.

Next, related to Safari. We want to clear a pile of history and website data. By doing this step, your iPhone history will be lost.

  • Go to Settings >> Safari.
  • Scroll down and tap Clear History and Website Data.
  • Tap Clear History and Data.

Try to reset iPhone, it will free up memory which is using by application in the background. to reset the iPhone, press and hold the power and home button until it restart.

Clean up junk files and Free Up Memory by third party software

Try to use third party software which you can download through App Store, one of it is Battery Doctor. It provides information about your battery but also clears out junk files and tweak your memory’s iPhone.

The easy steps that you can do in Battery Doctor are:

  • Open the Battery Doctor app.
  • Select the Junk tab on the bottom of menu.
  • Tap Clean Up Cache then Tap Clean on popup menu. Battery Doctor will scan and start to find junk files on iPhone.

How to Clean Up Junk Files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

  • To tweak memory, Tap Memory on menu tab then tap Boost.

How to Clean Up Junk Files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

With this simple tweak you supposed to get your iPhone performance increase. You can  also get a third party software for your Mac/PC to clean up junk files memory on iPhone. One of our choices is PhoneClean. It Finds and removes hidden temp, cookie and cache files generated by inner calculations and data exchanges to free up more storage space on your iPhone, iPad. It is easy to use:

  • Attach the iPhone to your Mac/PC using the USB Cable.
  • Open Phone Clean and make sure your iPhone is detected by the software.
  • Click Quick Clean and choose the junk file you want to delete.

How to Clean Up Junk Files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

How to Clean Up Junk Files and Free Up Memory on iPhone

  • Click Start Scan, Phone Clean will find junk files and you can check it first before you delete. After you sure, click start clean.