How To Clean Cookies In Google Chrome

The purpose of Cookies in the web browsers is to make the daily use of web easier. They store the passwords and usernames for quick access to the sites. They also keep the history of some visited websites. If you want, you can disable the use of cookies when you browse the websites, but usually, it leads to the additional inconveniences. In some cases, when the site opens slowly, you must clean the cookies. As a result, after restarting the browser, the site should open normally. In each browser, you can delete cookies in your own way. In this simple guide, we are going to show you how to delete cookies in Google Chrome.

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How To Delete Cookies In Google Chrome

Open the settings window:

1. Hit the <Menu> button, on the icon that made of three horizontal lines located in the upper left corner of the browser window. After the appearance of the menu, select <Settings>.

2. Open <Settings>. The required data is hidden from the user. To show it, you need to open <Show advanced settings>.

3. After that, you will see the additional sections of the settings. Find <Privacy> section, and press the button <Clear Browsing data>.

Note: There is an alternative way to open the window with cookies settings. To do this, press the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Del when you at any web page the  <Clear browsing data> window will open.

Which option to use for the opening the window it is for you to decide.

4. As a result you will see the following:

<Browsing history>

<Download history>

<Cookies and other site and plugin data>

<Cached images and files>

Uncheck all of the offered options except the third option from the top – <Cookies and other site and plugin data>.

In the drop-down menu, select the desired period of time. You can then press the button <Clear Browsing data>. All cookies saved during the specified time will be deleted.



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