How to check malware on MacBook

A couple of years ago, everyone was thinking that MacBook cannot get infected by viruses and malware. Well, as this is proven not to be the truth. Although MacBook malware is rare, it is still possible to get it when downloading software out of unsafe sources.

If you don’t know how to check malware on the MacBook, we are going to represent you with some solutions. Before you get any malware on your MacBook, you need to think about the protection first.

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So, before your MacBook gets malware or gets infected, you can do something to prevent that. Apple has built a quiet strong security system in its OS, so the MacBook owners are not exposed to the malware as much as the owners of Windows OS. But, no one is protected completely. As the malware has the role to steal your data, you should stay protected all of the time and avoid any suspicious web pages and apps. To check malware on MacBook, Apple started to build malware detection and file quarantine. But you can also install the ClamXav program or check your MacBook and browser regularly as well.

Apple’s malware detection and file quarantine

This is a system built by Apple, that puts downloaded files in a sort of quarantine. It uses Code certification to make sure that the app you have downloaded is coming out of the safe source. The system also keeps your regular security updated. The system works in the way of reminding you about the downloaded file and asks if you are sure that you want to open it. Apps without Code certificates will not be opened due to your security system. Those apps that are listed as malware, will not be opened at all. The system will only ask if you want to delete them.

Creating the database of malware made it possible for you to set your security updates on automatic. In this way, you will be sure that you are protected. But no software can be 100% protected, so make sure not to download suspicious apps, especially the newest and unfamiliar ones.


Downloading the donationware, you can make a donation and be safe with your MacBook. You can find it at the Mac App Store or ClamXav official site, and it is great. This app will provide you five options for configuration. There is a general option to set up the alerts and when to scan for malware, quarantine option to set up where to put suspicious files.

There is also an option for the type of files you don’t want to get scanned, an option for storing your log files, and the option to schedule when to have your MacBook scanned. When you set up all the options, ClamXav will have your MacBook scanned and cleaned.

Regular checking for malware

You should think about your MacBook as safe if you scan it at least once a week. To make sure you are protected, try int his easy way.

Go to the Applications folder, or open it by typing shortcut Shift+command+A. go through the list of apps and delete all that are not familiar. Then make sure to empty the trash.

Next, check your browser for malware and hijackers. If you have a Safari browser, check the Preferences menu, and change the home page if needed. Also, open the extensions menu and remove all that you are not sure about. These extensions can lead you to malicious sites, collect your personal data, and spy on you.

Another simple solution is to regularly clean the app’s cache. You should do this because it can contain malware you need to get rid of. To do so, you can use CleanMyMac X or do it manually by approaching to the Library folder. You can use shortcut Shift+command+G to get there. The next step is to type Library/caches and remove all particular files contained in this folder.