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How to Cancel Sky TV – Tips and Tricks for Customers

Sky customers who want to cancel the contract they have set up might find out that this is a difficult thing to do. From what it seems, you can cancel your agreement with the TV, broadband and phone provider only by phone or with the help of the online live chat.

Nothing New about this Issue

However, the problem we see is not new at all. Lots of people have reported that they had to stay on the phone even for 90 minutes in order for them to cancel their services. Even if they tried to cancel the contract via email or by letter, they still had to go through a lengthy phone call with the Sky company, in order to verify the cancellation before they started applying it.

How Can You Cancel?

Sadly, the two main means to cancel are still the phone (03300 413 018) or the live chat option that is available on their website. You can also send an email to the address [email protected], or send a letter to Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD. If you choose to write or email, keep in mind that you have to give your name, address, phone number and postcode.

Sky declared that the notice period begins only from the moment when they receive the letter, not when the user posts it. Also, you might want to know that it could take up to five days for the company to reply to your request.

As previously mentioned, even if you cancel in writing, you will still need to talk on the phone with one of Sky’s representatives. According to their declaration, they need to call you in order to confirm the details and also to verify the account information.

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