How to block videos on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is a video platform designed for little ones. Kids can watch the content suitable for their age, and you as a parent can create profiles for your children. In addition, you can block the videos you want. No matter if you let your kids watch YouTube kids on a computer or the app, the steps that allow you to block videos are pretty simple. Here, we are going to show you how to do that, so keep reading.

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How to block videos on YouTube Kids

We have mentioned that you can clock videos in the browser or using the app, depending on which device your kids are watching the content. Both methods are shown below.


Here is how you can block videos on the platform using your browser:

  • Open your browser and go to YouTube Kids
  • Make sure you are logged in with parent’s account
  • Find the video you want to block
  • Click on three dots right next to the name of the video

  • Click block this video.

That’s it. You have successfully blocked the video of your choice using the browser.


Using the app

If your kids are watching the content using the YouTube Kids app, you can block the videos using the app for iOS or Android device. Here is how to do that:

  • Open YouTube Kids app on your smartphone or tablet
  • Make sure you are logged in to parent’s account
  • Find the video you want to block
  • Click on three dots

  • Click on Block this video

That’s all! The video is blocked.

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