How to archive Amazon order

If you want to delete your previous orders on Amazon, that’s not possible. Amazon doesn’t provide that option to its users. Even if you decide to delete your Amazon account at some point, the company will keep the record of the items you have previously purchased. Now, you have another option and that is to archive Amazon order. In other words, you can hide the order from your purchase history.

You may want to do this for many reasons. Perhaps you purchased a gift for someone and you don’t want that person to find out, or you are no longer interested in a certain product and you don’t want it in your purchase history. Whatever the reason is, the order can’t be deleted, but at least it can be hidden. Here is how to archive Amazon orders.

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Here is how to archive Amazon order

Archiving an order is pretty simple. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open the browser of your choice and go to
  • Log in
  • Find Returns & Orders in the top right corner and click on that
  • Now find the order you want to hide from the list of previously purchased products
  • Click on “Order details”
  • Now click “Archive order”
  • Click Archive order to confirm the action.

The order is now hidden. While this might not be the perfect solution for those who want to delete their past orders, it is something that can work especially if you want to surprise someone or when you no longer want to see certain items in orders history.