How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

We can all agree that gaming is even more fun when you are playing with friends, right? When it comes to Nintendo Switch, you can play the games online but in order to do that, you will need Nintendo Switch Online Support. And if you want to play the game with someone, you will have to add that user as a friend. Here, we are going to show you how to add friends on Nintendo Switch.

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Here is how to add friends on Nintendo Switch:

  • Go to your Nintendo Switch account
  • Now click on your icon located in the top-left
  • When you find yourself on your profile page, you will see your “Friend code” (located under your name). The code starts with SW.
  • There is a menu on the side, so scroll down until you find “Add Friend”
  • Tap right to open the menu
  • You can check whether you have any requests

When on the Add Friend page, there will be several ways for you to add friends:

  • Search with Friend Code – this option allows you to enter the friend’s code and find the user if the code is still valid.
  • Search for local users – this option will scan for Nintendo switch users nearby. When you connect to another user, both of you will see four buttons and you will have to press the same one to be added as Nintendo Switch friends.
  • Search for users you played with – with this option you will get to see the list of Nintendo Switch users you recently played with. You can see the profile of the user and send a friend request.