How to Add Dictionaries on iPhone

If you love to read certain articles or digital books, you usually find some new vocabularies which you don’t understand yet or you have some doubts about the meaning. Searching for a certain word alphabetically is a bit unpractical, don’t you agree? But, what about a digital dictionary? That’s exactly what you need, plus, it is a far more practical option!

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Dictionary is introduced by Apple on OS X as a separate application, which can be accessed independently. Dictionary on OS X can also be accessed directly through the context menu on the word that we select. This is how we can find the words a lot faster, without opening the app first. The same concept was adopted by iOS, but not as a separate app, but as an option that appears on the context menu when we are selecting certain words.

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iPhone is used by people worldwide, not only by those who live in the US, which is why the need of dictionaries with different languages keeps on increasing. The number of iPhone users is increasing as well.

By default, Apple only activated English dictionary. If you need a dictionary with another language on your device, you can add dictionaries on your iPhone with ease.



Steps to add dictionaries on iPhone

Preparation: iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS 8 installed inside.


  • Launch an application where you can find some words to select, for example Notes application.
  • Select a certain word (in this example we select a “music” word) by double tapping it until it’s highlighted.

How to Add Dictionaries on iPhone

  • If a pop up menu appears, you can tap define. If you cannot find define menu, just tap arrow.

How to Add Dictionaries on iPhone

  • On that word dictionary screen, tap Manage.

How to Add Dictionaries on iPhone

  • You can also choose the language you need by tapping the cloud icon and download it first.

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  • If you want to remove the current dictionary you can just tap “x” sign.

You can also choose the language you need by tapping the cloud icon and download it first before you use it.

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