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How to activate Google Assistant in Android 10

When it comes to virtual assistants, every platform has its own. iOS has Siri, Windows has Cortana, and Android has Google Assistant. All these are designed to offer assistance to the users and make things a lot easier. To be honest, talking with a virtual assistant can be pretty fun as well. When it comes to Android and Google Assistant, certain things have changed with the arrival of Android 10.

The latest version of Android brought some amazing features and changes, from the ability to enable dark mode and change the look of entire system, to Smart Replies and the option to undo app removal.

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However, Android 10 ditched the home button and that button was used to activate Google Assistant. In previous Android versions, you could just press and hold the Home button and that would wake the assistant. Of course, you can always activate the assistant by saying “Okay Google”, but the question is, can you do it some other way now that you no longer have the home button. And the answer is yes.

The option is as simple as holding on the home button. Android 10 includes the search bar that is located at the bottom of the homepage. So, to activate Google Assistant, just press and hold the little icon in the right part of the search bar.

So, no matter there is no Home button, right? This is also very simple and more or less the same. And you can always activate the assistant the good old way by saying Okay Google.

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