How Many “Amazing Colors” will the Samsung Galaxy S10 be Released in 2019?

Samsung Galaxy S10

The official release of the next flagship from the South Korean giant may still be months away. But there is no dearth of rumors and suggestions from different sources. One of them suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be sold by the company in 9 distinct colors. That might sound a bit too many color options for a high-end phone, but then that is what is doing the rounds. Of course, there are others who believe it is going to be only six colors and there is no certainty on another 3.

Some Substance in the Nine Color Theory

As the cliché goes, there’s no smoke without a fire. Here, in this case, there has been more than one signal on the colors the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be seen in. No less than the Chief of the Mobile Division in Samsung has commented that the phone will be released in “amazing colors”, though he didn’t specify any number. Steve Hemmerst offer of OnLeaks has tweeted that he believes there will be 9 colors. Blue, Green, Red, Black, Gray and Yellow probably select themselves. One has to keep guessing what the other 3 could be, if at all.

What Else About Galaxy S10?

One of the speculations revolves around the main processor to be fitted on the new device, particularly since Samsung wants something spectacular to mark the 10th anniversary as rival Apple did. It may up the ante a little bit by choosing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 instead of the 845 SoC. But this is unconfirmed as of now. Samsung may even decide to ship out the new phone to some markets with its latest Exynos chipset.

One dramatic change being anticipated is that the Samsung Galaxy S10 may do away with the notch on the front display screen. Instead of the speakers, there may be the new vibration technology that transmits the audio. Again, this is mere speculation right now.

The speaker could find its way to the side edges even. If this were to be true then one may witness a new phenomenon of embedding the front camera too below the screen’s surface. Though these technologies have already been demonstrated by Samsung in industry forums, the moot question would be will they be able to incorporate these in the phones to be released in early 2019?

Keep watching this space for more.

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